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123TV Free IPTV

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123TV-IPTV is an app that allows you to watch free IPTV.

It extracts stream URLs from website, generates master playlist with available TV channels for IPTV players and proxies the traffic between your IPTV players and streaming backends.

Note: This is a port of ustvgo-iptv app for 123TV service.

✨ Features

  • 🔑 Auto auth-key rotation

    As server proxies the traffic it can detect if your auth key is expired and refresh it on the fly.

  • 📺 Available TV Guide

    TV Guide repo generates EPG XML for upcoming programs of all the channels once an hour.

  • Two iconsets for IPTV players with light and dark backgrounds

    There are 2 channel iconsets adapted for apps with light and dark UI themes.

  • 🗔 Cross-platform GUI

    GUI is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS for people who are not that much into CLI.

🚀 Installation

  • CLI

    pip install 123tv-iptv
  • GUI

    You can download GUI app from Releases for your OS.

  • Docker

    docker run -d --name=123tv-iptv -p 6464:6464 --restart unless-stopped

    For dark icons append following argument: --icons-for-light-bg

⚙️ Usage - CLI

You can run the app without any arguments.

123TV-IPTV CLI screencast
Optional argument Description
--icons-for-light-bg Switch to dark iconset for players with light UI.
--access-logs Enable access logs for tracking requests activity.
--port 6464 Server port. By default, the port is 6464.
--parallel 10 Number of parallel parsing requests. Default is 10.
--use-uncompressed-tvguide By default, master playlist has a link to compressed version of TV Guide:
With this argument you can switch it to uncompressed:
--keep-all-channels Do not filter out not working channels.

Linux users can install systemd service that automatically runs 123tv-iptv on start-ups ⏰.

# Install "123tv-iptv" service
sudo -E env "PATH=$PATH" 123tv-iptv install-service

# You can specify any optional arguments you want
sudo -E env "PATH=$PATH" 123tv-iptv --port 1234 --access-logs install-service

# Uninstall "123tv-iptv" service
sudo -E env "PATH=$PATH" 123tv-iptv uninstall-service

⚙️ Usage - GUI

123TV-IPTV GUI screenshot

If you don't like command line stuff, you can run GUI app and click "Start", simple as that.

GUI uses config file on following path:

  • Linux: ~/.config/123tv-iptv/settings.cfg
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/123tv-iptv/settings.cfg
  • Windows: C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\123tv-iptv\settings.cfg

🔗 URLs

To play and enjoy your free IPTV you need 2 URLs that this app provides:

  1. Your generated master playlist: 🔗
  2. TV Guide (content updates once an hour): 🔗

▶️ Players

Here is a list of popular IPTV players.

123TV's channels have EIA-608 embedded subtitles. In case if you're not a native speaker and use TV, Cartoons, Movies and Shows to learn English and Spanish languages I would recommend you following free open-source cross-platform IPTV players that can handle EIA-608 subtitles:

  • VLC

    This old beast could play any subtitles. Unfortunately it doesn't support TV Guide.

    • Play
  • MPV

    Fast and extensible player. It supports subtitles, but not that good as VLC, sometimes you could encounter troubles playing roll-up subtitles. Unfortunately it doesn't suppport TV Guide.

    • Play
  • Jellyfin Media Player

    Jellyfin Media Player screenshot Jellyfin Media Player screenshot

    Comfortable, handy, extensible with smooth UI player. Supports TV Guide, has mpv as a backend.

    Supports subtitles, but there is no option to enable them via user interface. If you want to enable IPTV subtitles you have to use following "Mute" hack.

    • Enable IPTV subtitles

      I found a quick hack to force play embedded IPTV subtitles, all you need is to create one file:

      Linux: ~/.local/share/jellyfinmediaplayer/scripts/subtitles.lua

      Linux(Flatpak): ~/.var/app/com.github.iwalton3.jellyfin-media-player/data/jellyfinmediaplayer/scripts/subtitles.lua

      MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Jellyfin Media Player/scripts/subtitles.lua

      Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\JellyfinMediaPlayer\scripts\subtitles.lua

      And paste following text in there:

      -- File: subtitles.lua
      function on_mute_change(name, value)
          if value then
              local subs_id = mp.get_property("sid")
              if subs_id == "1" then
                  mp.osd_message("Subtitles off")
                  mp.set_property("sid", "0")
                  mp.osd_message("Subtitles on")
                  mp.set_property("sid", "1")
      mp.observe_property("mute", "bool", on_mute_change)

      After that every time you mute a video (🅼 key pressed), you toggle subtitles on/off as a side effect.

    • Play

      1) Settings -> Dashboard -> Live TV -> Tuner Devices -> Add -> M3U Tuner -> URL ->
      2) Settings -> Dashboard -> Live TV -> TV Guide Data Providers -> Add -> XMLTV -> URL ->
      3) Settings -> Dashboard -> Scheduled Tasks -> Live TV -> Refresh Guide -> Task Triggers -> "Every 30 minutes"
    • Note

      Some versions does not support compressed (*.xml.gz) TV Guides.
  • IPTVnator

    IPTVnator screenshot

    Player built with Electron so you can run it even in browser, has light and dark themes.

    Support subtitles and TV Guide.

    • Play
      1) Add via URL ->
      2) Settings -> EPG Url ->

👍 Support

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  • Also I would highly appreciate your support on this project ⠀Buy Me A Coffee

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