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Classes and utilities to support Flight Test Instrumentation Ethernet networks

Project description

A collection of classes that can be used to decom network or PCM based FTI traffic


  • iNetX : Class for packing and unpacking iNetX objects

  • IENA : Class for packing and unpacking IENA objects

  • SimpleEthernet : A simplified set of classes for Ethernet, IP and UDP packets. These are not fully featured is sufficient for the network systems used in the KAM500 networks

  • Pcap : Class and helper methods for reading pcap files

  • McastSocket : Class to bind to ports to capture multicast packets


Install using the standard setuptools install method

python install

or clone this repository to your local directory

git clone


Here are two brief examples on how to create and read a pcap file. Further examples can be viewed in the examples directory or in the unittest folder

To read in a pcap file with multiple ethernet packets all containing an iNetX packet wrapped in UDP

import AcraNetwork.iNetX as inetx
import AcraNetwork.SimpleEthernet as SimpleEthernet
import AcraNetwork.Pcap as pcap

import struct
mypcap = pcap.Pcap("inetx_test.pcap")       # Read the pcap file
for mypcaprecord in mypcap:

        ethpacket = SimpleEthernet.Ethernet()   # Create an Ethernet object
        ethpacket.unpack(mypcaprecord.packet)   # Unpack the pcap record into the eth object
        ippacket =  SimpleEthernet.IP()         # Create an IP packet
        ippacket.unpack(ethpacket.payload)      # Unpack the ethernet payload into the IP packet
        udppacket = SimpleEthernet.UDP()        # Create a UDP packet
        udppacket.unpack(ippacket.payload)      # Unpack the IP payload into the UDP packet
        inetxpacket = inetx.iNetX()             # Create an iNetx object
        inetxpacket.unpack(udppacket.payload)   # Unpack the UDP payload into this iNetX object
        print("INETX: StreamID ={:08X} Sequence = {:8d} PTP Seconds = {}".format(inetxpacket.streamid,inetxpacket.sequence,inetxpacket.ptptimeseconds))

To Make a Distribution

pip  install --upgrade pip wheel setuptools twine
rm dist/*
python ./ sdist bdist_wheel --universal sdist
twine upload dist/*

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