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A module to control BeagleBone IO channels

Project description

**PLEASE NOTE: This library may have breaking changes as development continues. Please read the changelog anytime you update the library!**

**The PWM Duty Cycle range was reversed in 0.0.15 from 100(off)-0(on) to 0(off)-100(on). Please update your code accordingly.**

**Adafruit's BeagleBone IO Python Library**

This is a set of Python tools to allow GPIO, PWM, and ADC access on the BeagleBone using the Linux 3.8 Kernel and above (latest releases).

It has been tested on the 5-20 and 6-6 Angstrom image on the BeagleBone Black.

**Note: BBIO has been renamed to Adafruit_BBIO.**

**Installation on Angstrom**


/usr/bin/ntpdate -b -s -u
opkg update && opkg install python-pip python-setuptools
pip install Adafruit_BBIO


git clone git://
#set the date and time
/usr/bin/ntpdate -b -s -u
#install dependency
opkg update && opkg install python-distutils
cd adafruit-beaglebone-io-python
python install

**Installation on Ubuntu/Debian**


sudo ntpdate
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential python-dev python-pip -y
#easy_install -U distribute //debian only
sudo pip install Adafruit_BBIO


sudo ntpdate
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential python-dev python-pip -y
git clone git://
cd adafruit-beaglebone-io-python
sudo python install
cd ..
sudo rm -rf adafruit-beaglebone-io-python


Using the library is very similar to the excellent RPi.GPIO library used on the Raspberry Pi. Below are some examples.

**GPIO Setup**

Import the library, and setup as GPIO.OUT or GPIO.IN::

import Adafruit_BBIO.GPIO as GPIO
GPIO.setup("P8_14", GPIO.OUT)

You can also refer to the pin names::

GPIO.setup("GPIO0_26", GPIO.OUT)

**GPIO Output**

Setup the pin for output, and write GPIO.HIGH or GPIO.LOW. Or you can use 1 or 0.::

import Adafruit_BBIO.GPIO as GPIO
GPIO.setup("P8_14", GPIO.OUT) GPIO.output("P8_14", GPIO.HIGH)

**GPIO Input**

Inputs work similarly to outputs.::

import Adafruit_BBIO.GPIO as GPIO
GPIO.setup("P8_14", GPIO.IN)

Polling inputs::

if GPIO.input("P8_14"):

Waiting for an edge (GPIO.RISING, GPIO.FALLING, or GPIO.BOTH::

GPIO.wait_for_edge(channel, GPIO.RISING)

Detecting events::

GPIO.add_event_detect("P9_12", GPIO.FALLING)
#your amazing code here
#detect wherever:
if GPIO.event_detected("P9_12"):
print "event detected!"


import Adafruit_BBIO.PWM as PWM
#PWM.start(channel, duty, freq=2000, polarity=0)
#duty values are valid 0 (off) to 100 (on)
PWM.start("P9_14", 50)
PWM.set_duty_cycle("P9_14", 25.5)
PWM.set_frequency("P9_14", 10)


#set polarity to 1 on start:
PWM.start("P9_14", 50, 2000, 1)


import Adafruit_BBIO.ADC as ADC

#read returns values 0-1.0
value ="P9_40")

#read_raw returns non-normalized value
value = ADC.read_raw("P9_40")

**Running tests**

Install py.test to run the tests. You'll also need the python compiler package for py.test.::

opkg update && opkg install python-compiler
#Either pip or easy_install
pip install -U pytest
easy_install -U pytest

Execute the following in the root of the project::



The BeagleBone IO Python library was originally forked from the excellent MIT Licensed [RPi.GPIO]( library written by Ben Croston.


Written by Justin Cooper, Adafruit Industries. BeagleBone IO Python library is released under the MIT License.
* Fix for SPI not loading spidevX.X correctly based on load order
* Initialize ctrl_dir in unload_device_tree #63
* Clean up unused/dead code

* Fix for SPI.xfer crashes python after 3 calls
* Added a retry to reading for the analog inputs to avoid a bug where reading back and forth between two analog inputs would cause the resource to be unavailable every 16 scans (zthorson)
* Updated the build_path to be more selective over what paths it chooses (zthorson)
* Update Debian installation instructions in README (justinledwards)
* Increase the size of the buffer used for storing device tree names (SaintGimp)

* UART - Include UART overlays, and compile upon installation
* UART - Rename UART overlays
* Adafruit_I2C - Remove readU16Rev and readS16Rev
* Adafruit_I2C - Updated readU16/readS16 for correct 16-bit reads

* Fix SPI memory leaks
* Clean up of PWM code (bit-hacker, jwcooper)
* Remove UART debug statements

* Add polarity as optional fourth parameter to PWM.start(). Valid values are 0 and 1. Default is still 0.
* Fix for actually setting the polarity in start.
* Add new unit tests to check that the polarity is being set properly, and valid values passed in.

* Fix PWM duty cycle so 0 is off and 100 is on. Set polarity to 0 by default.
* Give extra buffer space in export, and unexport functions for gpio that are more than 2 digits (Chris Desjardins)
* Add new test case for 3 digit gpio (Chris Desjardins)
* Fix for test_direction_readback. gpio_get_direction wasn't properly null terminating the direction string (Chris Desjardins)

* Fix GPIO.gpio_function to work with the IO name (zthorson)
* Fix IOErrors not getting raised when fopen fails while loading overlays into device tree (bradfordboyle, jwcooper)
* Add new UART tests

* Remove the gpio parameter from callbacks (cdesjardins)

* Bump version due to pypi issues

* New UART module to export UART overlays
* Alpha support for SPI
* Add small delay after loading any device tree overlays

* Fix direction for event detection code
* Fix for segmentation faults on add_event_detect

* Fix for ADC Segmentation Faults

* Temp remove overlay compilation. Ubuntu failures.

* Refactor and clean up adc and pwm
* Fix tests for Adafruit_BBIO rename

* Include as top-level module

* Rename from BBIO to Adafruit_BBIO to reduce library conflicts and confusion.

* Support for pip and easy_install

* ADC enabled

* PWM enabled

* Initial Commit
* GPIO mostly working
* Initial GPIO unit tests
* PWM in progress

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