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Arabic Stop words: list and routins

Project description


It’s not easy to detemine the stop words, and in other hand, stop words differs according to the case, for this purpos, we propose a classified list which can be parametered by developper.

The Word list contains only wonds in its commun forms, and we have generated all forms by a script.

It can used as library ‘see section arabicstopwords library’


  • data/ : contains data of stopwords

  • data/classified/stopwords.ods: data in LibreOffice format with more valuble informations, and classified stopwords

  • docs: docs files

  • scripts: scripts used to generate all forms, and file formats

## Data Structure

All forms data .ODS/CSV file - 1st field : unvocalised word ( في) - 2nd field : unvocalised stemmed word with -‘-’ between affixes: e.g. ف-ب-خمسين-ي

<figure> Stopwords Example <figcaption>

Stopwords Example

</figcaption> </figure>

Minimal classified data .ODS/CSV file - 1st field : unvocalised word ( في) - 2nd field : type of the word: e.g. حرف - 3rd field : class of word : e.g. preposition

Affixation infomration in other fields: - 4th field : AIN in arabic , if word accept Conjuction ‘العطف’, ‘*’ else - 5th field : TEH in arabic , if word accept definate article ‘ال التعريف’, ‘*’ else - 6th field : JEEM in arabic , if word accept preposition article ‘حروف الجر المتصلة’, ‘*’ else - 7th field : DAD in arabic , if word accept IDAFA articles ‘الضمائر المتصلة’, ‘*’ else
- 7th field : SAD in arabic , if word accept verb conjugation articles ‘التصريف’, ‘*’ else - 8th field : LAM in arabic , if word accept LAM QASAM articles ‘لام القسم’, ‘*’ else
- 8th field : MEEM in arabic , if word has ALEF LAM as definition article ‘معرف’, ‘*’ else

How to customize stop word list

  • check the minimal form data file (stopwords.csv)

  • comment by “#” all words which you don’t need

  • run

  • catch the output of script in releases folder.

How to update data

  • check if the word doesn’t exist in the minimal form data file ( classified/stopwords.ods)

  • add affixation information

  • run

  • catch the output of script in releases folder.

Arabic Stopwords Library


pip install arabicstopwords


  • test if a word is stop

    >>> import arabicstopwords.arabicstopwords as stp
    >>> # test if a word is a stop
    ... stp.is_stop(u'ممكن')
    >>> stp.is_stop(u'منكم')
  • stem a stopword ```python >>> word = u”لعلهم” >>> stp.stop_stem(word) u’لعل’

* list all stop words

        stp.stopwords\_list() ...... len(stp.stopwords\_list())
        13629 len(stp.classed\_stopwords\_list()) 507 \`\`\` \* give
        all forms of a stopword
>>> stp.stopword_forms(u"على")
>>> len(stp.stopword_forms(u"على"))

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