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A homemade machine learning platform modeled after TensorFlow

Project description

Baby TensorFlow (version 1.0)

Baby TensorFlow is a homemade machine learning neural network architecture modeled after TensorFlow, co-developed and co-written by William Bidle and Ilana Zane.


To get started with Baby_TensorFlow, copy the following command and paste it into your command line:

pip install git+

To test the installation, run the following code into your Python editor of choice:

from Baby_TensorFlow import * 

layer_sequence = [1,'ReLU', 2, 'sigmoid', 3]
loss_function = 'MSLE'

nn = NN(layer_sequence, loss_function)

print('activation func library:\n', nn.activation_funcs_library, '\n')
print('loss func library:\n', nn.loss_funcs_library, '\n')
print('current weights:\n', nn.weights, '\n')
print('current activation functions:\n', nn.activation_funcs, '\n')
print('current loss function:\n', nn.loss_func_label, ':', nn.loss_func, '\n')
print('traing error:\n', nn.training_err, '\n')

If there are no errors, then you have successfully installed Baby_TensorFlow! The full list of functions, their usage, as well as some examples can be found within the file.

List of available activation functions

For a given value, $x$, different activation functions are definined by the following.

  • "sigmoid" :

$$\frac{1}{1 + e^{-x}}$$

  • 'tanh' :


  • 'ReLU' :

$$f(x) = \begin{cases} x & \text{if } x \geq 0,\ 0 & \text{if } x < 0. \end{cases}$$

List of avaliable loss functions

For a given network output vector, $\vec{y}^{out}$, and true value vector, $\vec{y}^{true}$, with $N$ components each, different loss functions are definined by the following.

  • Mean Squared Error ("MSE") :

$$\sum_{i}^N(y_i^{out} - y_i^{true})^2$$

  • Mean Absolute Error ("MAE") :

$$\sum_{i}^N|y_i^{out} - y_i^{true}|$$

  • "MAPE" : $$100 * \sum_{i}^N|\frac{y_i^{out} - y_i^{true}}{y_i^{out} + y_i^{true}}|$$

  • Mean Squared Logarithmic Error ("MSLE") :

$$\sum_{i}^N(log(y_i^{out} + 1) - log(y_i^{true} + 1))^2$$

  • Binary Cross-Entropy ("BCE") :

$$\sum_{i}^N(y_i^{true}*log(y_i^{out}) + (1 - y_i^{true})*log(1 - y_i^{out}))$$

  • "Poisson" :

$$\sum_{i}^N(y_i^{out} - y_i^{true} * log(y_i^{out}))$$


Detailed examples on how to use Baby TensorFlow can be found in the Tutorial.ipynb Jupyter Notebook, which includes demonstrations on image classification, picture recoloration, and autoencoder construction.

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