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Provides hierarchical factory

Project description

What is this package for

This package provides a simple way to build back structure of application. Can be used building composite root as acting a factory for resources, building a fixture factory for tests.


  • Lazy initialisation
  • Simple composition and dependency handling

Example - composie root

from baluster import Baluster, placeholders
import psycopg2

class ApplicationRoot(Baluster):
    def db(self, root):
        # Will be called at the first use
        # Will be cached so won't be called again
        return psycopg2.connect("dbname=test user=postgres")

    def _close_db(self, root, db):

    def cr(self, root):
        return self.db.cursor()

    def _close_cr(self, root, cr):

def main():
    approot = ApplicationRoot()
    with approot:'SELECT * FROM user')

    # at this point the connection and the cursor has already been closed

Example - async composie root

from baluster import Baluster, placeholders

class AsyncApplicationRoot(Baluster):

    async def resource(self, root):
        # Will be called at the first use
        # Will be cached so won't be called again
        return await some_aync_resource()

    async def _close_resource(self, root, resource):
        await resource.close()

def main():
    approot = AsyncApplicationRoot()
    async with approot:
        conn = await approot.resource
        await conn.operation(...)

    # at this point the resource has already been closed

Example - fixture factory for tests

from baluster import Baluster, placeholders
import psycopg2

class Fixtures(Baluster):

    def cr(self, root):
        conn = psycopg2.connect("dbname=test user=postgres")
        return conn.cursor()

    class users(Baluster):

        def user(self, root):
  'SELECT * FROM user WHERE id=1')
            return User(

        def customer(self, root):
  'SELECT * FROM customer WHERE id=1')
            return Customer(

    class orders(Baluster):

        def amount(self, root):
            return 100

        def quantity(self, root):
            return 1

        def order(self, root):
            customer = root.users.customer
            created_by = root.users.user
            amount = self.amount
            # Fictive order object...
            return Order(
                customer=customer, created_by=created_by,
                amount=amount, quantity=quantity

        def shipped_order(self, root):
            order = self.order
            return order

def test_order():
    # Demonstrate a few use fictive usecase

    # Creating order with defaults
    f = Fixtures()
    assert f.order.calculated_total_value == 100
    assert f.order.shipping_address == f.users.customer.address

    # Create new fixtures, but keep some cached data
    f2 = f.copy('cr', 'users')

    # Set some value
    f2.order.amount = 50
    f2.order.quantity = 3
    assert f2.order.calculated_total_value == 150

    # Manage different stage of object life
    f3 = f.copy('cr', 'users')
    order = f3.shipped_order

    with pytest.raises(OrderException):
        # as it is shipped


Python target: >=3.6

$ pip install baluster


The package is independent, using only the python standard library.


pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

This installs the package in development mode ( develop) and the testing packages. I would like to achive nearly 100% test coverage.




I really welcome any comments! I would be happy if you fork my code and create pull requests. For an approved pull request flake8 have to pass just as all of tests.

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