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Checking & banning BitTorrent leech peers via Web API, remove Ads, working for μTorrent.

Project description

Ban-Peers (English/中文)

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Ban-Peers wrote in Python, it is checking & banning BitTorrent leech peers via Web API, remove Ads, working for μTorrent. The main banned are XunLei, Baidu, QQDownload, Offline download servers, other infamous leech clients, and BT players, fake clients, who reported fake progress, the fact in serious leech.

The mainline BitTorrent client use the same code as μTorrent, so this tool also effect on it.

Execute checking per 10 seconds, the banned time can be specified by the start-up parameters, default is 12 hours. In some cases, temporary banned for 1 hour, if the torrent's AVAILABILITY greater than 20, or its DOWNLOAD SPEED overrun peer's UPLOAD SPEED by 1 MiB/s, or it's seeding. Also can temporary banned peers which refused upload 10 minutes in downloading torrents if AVAILABILITY greater than 10. At the same time, this script will not broke the existing IP ranges (non-single IP) in ipfilter, they will be stored as-is.

There is a gift to the users of μTorrent 3 classic desktop free version, it wrote in Chinese, you can read via a translator (e.g. Google Translate). There is also a similar article (see part Technical information) wrote in English.

Resist leech strongly, this is our own rights. If you feels Ban-Peers a good work, please recommend it to your friends, Thanks.


  • Does not work in old versions of μTorrent which did not provided API getpeers.
  • Please use this script in local network, μTorrent Web API does not support HTTPS connections, it is not safe.
  • If you can not accept read/write the ipfilter.dat file frequently, it can be soft/symbolic link to a RAM disk.
  • I took preventive measures, if you stiil found a normal peer has been banned, please tell us via Issues board.

Special Explanation

  • Report fake progress, most of the results are due to poor connection leads, in smooth connection case, I have seek to ensure there is no false positives. Even the peers due to network factor have be banned, there is no bad influence for both normal use the BitTorrent network, unless that peer is the only seed.
  • Refused upload, peer never transport even 1 byte valid data due to all causes, e.g. deliberately leech, network poor, bugs or unreasonable settings of μTorrent itself etc. So, if the situation has not changed at a period of time after refused flag has been checked, temporary banned to release its occupied connections, that helps connect to other peers which may upload smoothly.


Install from version package format monthly downloads

pip3 install ban-peers

Or download and Install from source code, this will install as egg archive

python install

Or download and package into .pyz (Zip App), support three arguments of zipapp module (output/python/compress)

python bdist_pyz -compress

python bdist_pyz -compress -output ban_peers -python python38


  • Python >= 3.7
  • Zip safe
  • Support call with python -m
  • Support i18n,welcome helps localization


First, Web UI must be enabled in μTorrent settings; then running Ban-Peers for specified ipfilter.dat file.

Setting file ipfilter.dat, it is generally located in the path corresponding to the following cases.

        ~/Library/Application Support/uTorrent
Unix utserver:
        use utserver argument "-settingspath" to specify settings folder path.
Win XP:
        C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\uTorrent
Win 7 & above:
Portable mode:
        μTorrent installation folder path. To enable this mode, first put file
        settings.dat into it.
        <PortableApps folder>\App\uTorrent
        I don't know any informations about it, welcome to help add those informations,
        even Android is unavailable.
Network File:
        run μTorrent at other machine, setup the settings folder as a network file path.
        NFS       mount –t nfs /mnt/utserver
        SMB/CIFS  //machine1/share/uTorrent
$ ban_peers -h
Welcome using Ban-Peers 1.0.6

usage: ban_peers [-H IP|DOMAIN] [-p PORT] [-a USERNAME:PASSWORD] [-e HOURS]
                 [-t MINUTES] [-f FORMAT] [-C] [-X] [-P] [-L] [-N] [-R] [-M]
                 [-U] [-A] [-O] [-s [CONFIG-FILE] | -l [CONFIG-FILE]] [-h] [-v]

Checking & banning BitTorrent leech peers via Web API, remove Ads, working for

Positional Arguments:
    IPFILTER-PATH   Path of ipfilter dir/file, will try load from config file
                    or wait input if empty. IMPORTANT NOTICE: must be the
                    uTorrent settings path!

Optional Arguments:
    -H IP|DOMAIN, --host IP|DOMAIN
                    WebUI host, default
    -p PORT, --port PORT
                    WebUI port, default 8080
                    WebUI authorization, wait input if required
    -e HOURS, --expire HOURS
                    Ban expire time for peers, default 12 hours
    -t MINUTES, --time-allowed-refuse MINUTES
                    How much time to keep connecting before temporary banned
                    refused upload peers, at least 5 minutes, default 10
    -f FORMAT, --log-header FORMAT
                    Format of log header, see time.strftime, default %H:%M:%S
    -C, --resolve-country
                    Set uTorrent to resolved peer's country code at start-up
    -X, --no-xunlei-reprieve
                    Banned XunLei directly, no more checking
    -P, --no-fake-progress-check
                    Don't checking fake progress
    -L, --no-serious-leech-check
                    Don't checking serious leech, except anonymous peers
    -N, --no-refused-upload-check
                    Don't checking refused upload, except anonymous peers, this
                    checking is useful to connect potential active peers
    -R, --private-check
                    Enable checking (partly) for private torrents
    -M, --public-mode
                    Be careful!!! PT user don't enable this. It makes all
                    torrents be checked as public, equivalent of enable fully
                    checking for private torrents.
    -U, --log-unknown
                    Logging unknown clients
    -A, --remove-ads
                    Remove Ads via set Advanced Settings, only working for
                    localhost, and to fail in older uTorrent
    -O, --no-close-pairing
                    Don't turn off Web Pairing setting after remove Ads
    -s [CONFIG-FILE], --save-config [CONFIG-FILE]
                    Save current arguments to a config file except "--remove-
                    ads", "--help" and "--version". Save to default location
                    "<YOUR CONFIG DIR>/BanPeers/ban_peers.conf" if empty input
    -l [CONFIG-FILE], --load-config [CONFIG-FILE]
                    Load arguments from a config file, will not overlaid the
                    inputted arguments. Load from current directory (use
                    conf/ini/cfg as extension name) or default location if
                    empty input
    -h, --help      Show this help message and exit
    -v, --version   Show version and exit
$ ban-peers
Welcome using Ban-Peers 1.0.6
No ipfilter has be inputted, try load from config file
Load ipfilter from config file fail, found nothing
Please input uTorrent settings folder path or ipfilter file path:
Please input WebUI username: username
Please input WebUI password: password  **_No cover_**
19:44:33 Set uTorrent setting 'webui.allow_pairing' to True
19:44:35 Set uTorrent setting 'gui.show_plus_upsell_nodes' to False  **_Remove upsell tip in the sidebar_**
19:44:35 Set uTorrent setting 'webui.allow_pairing' to False  **_disallow pairing_**
19:44:35 Set uTorrent setting 'bt.use_rangeblock' to False  **_Won't restore after quit_**
19:44:35 Set uTorrent setting 'ipfilter.enable' to True
19:44:35 Auto-banning script start running
Choose your operation: (Q)uit, (S)top, (R)estart, (P)ause/Proceed
19:44:36 Auto-banning script quit running

$ ban_peers -p 12345 -a username:password /var/lib/utserver --save-config
Welcome using Ban-Peers 1.0.6
Start saving config file "<YOUR CONFIG DIR>/BanPeers/ban_peers.conf"
Save argument "ipfilter = /var/lib/utserver"
Save argument "port = 12345"
Save argument "authorization = username:password"

$ ban-peers -p 54321
Welcome using Ban-Peers 1.0.6
No ipfilter has be inputted, try load from config file
Start loading config file "<YOUR CONFIG DIR>/BanPeers/ban_peers.conf"
Load argument "ipfilter = /var/lib/utserver"
**_Doesn't load inputted argument port_**
Load argument "authorization = username:password"
  • Quit: stop checking and exit the Python.
  • Stop: stop checking if run script via import as package, or same as Quit.
  • Restart: reload ipfilter.dat, it is useful when manually modify ipfilter.dat.
  • Pause: pause checking, it is useful when manually modify ipfilter.dat.
  • Proceed: just proceed checking.

Got troubles/ideas

Visit the Discussions board and post them, maybe someone can help you. If you are not sure wether it is an issue by Ban-Peers itself, just post to Issues board.

Known Issues

  • Integers in data form which have be received from Web API will be converted to 32-bit signed number,it caused numeric overflow. Integer numeric from 2G to 4G will overflow as -2G to 0, then loop overflow to 0 per 4G. Ban-Peers has taken some measures to relieve this issue, all download tasks which added and started after Ban-Peers running will not be caused false positives.
  • The μTorrent of classic desktop versions seems identify its mobile versions as fack clients, Ban-Peers will take a unanimous and no special measures for. If problems, please feedback directly to the official forum.
  • There is a rare uTorrent bug choked torrent downloading, we have relieved it by restart download, first 5 pieces will be checked now.

What μTorrent settings should have been modified

  • Global

    bt.use_rangeblock, using this tool, build-in range block (by hash error) should be disabled.
    False when start-up

    ipfilter.enable, enable/flush ipfilter.
    True when start-up, adding banned

    webui.allow_pairing, modify more settings have to got pairing, μTorrent will show a pop-up of pairing request, please confirm carefully.
    True before modify Ads settings
    False after modify Ads settings, can also use parameters -O or --no-close-pairing to do not disable it

    gui.show_plus_upsell_nodes, μTorrent sidebar upgrade tips will be reset at start-up.
    True when start-up, μTorrent re-started

    peer.resolve_country, resolve_peerips, resolve country code of peer IPs.
    True when start-up,need to use parameters -C or --resolve-country, not every time

    Other Ads settings, modify some settings have to got pairing.
    For specific values see the part of ANTI_ADS_SETTINGS in source code, when start-up, modify all settings at once after got pairing, need to use parameters -A or --remove-ads, not every time

  • Torrent

    ulrate, for older/weaker Torrents (in terms of E.T.A, less than 10 GiB/day), limit its upload rate helps complete download, and increase read cache hits in passing.
    1048576 download size less than 1 GiB, limit to 1 MiB/s
    524288 download size less than 10 GiB, limit to 512 KiB/s

Change Log

Please see the changelog.txt.

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Ban-Peers is released under the MIT License.

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