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A set of astronomy-related routines for generating Voigt profiles from atomic data, reading and writing data, working with SEDs, passbands and dust extinction laws.

Project description

This package contains functions useful for general scientific programming, with a focus on astronomical research. The documentation details everything that is available, but some example tasks that can be handled are:

  • Calculate absorption profiles for various ions observed in astrophysical environments.

  • Fit a smooth continuum to a spectrum with many emission or absorption features.

  • Find the expected broad-band magnitudes given a spectral energy distribution.

More details are given in the documentation here:

To install, either download the tarball from the pypi website and then do:

python install

You may need to put a ‘sudo’ in front of this.

A better way to install (which allows for easy uninstallation) is by using pip:

pip install barak

but you need to have pip ( installed.

To run the tests you need py.test ( installed. Then run:

py.test barak

from this directory.

Neil Crighton

neilcrighton .at. gmail .dot. com

Change Log

v0.3.2 6th Jan 2013 – Fix import bug.

v0.3.1 6th Jan 2013 – Minor docs changes for PyPI.

v0.3.0 6th Jan 2013 – WARNING - there are several API changes compared

to version 0.2.x.

  • The extinction module has been overhauled (with API changes), curves are now given as A(lambda)/A(V) instead of E(lambda-V)/E(B-V) and use an ExtinctionCurve class.

  • Added a new module for calculating virial quantities, barak.virial.

  • Added a new uv QSO template.

  • make_constant_dv_wa_scale moved from barak.spec to barak.sed, convolve_constant_dv moved from barak.spec to barak.convolve.

  • Added new IR sed templates from Assef et al. 2010.

  • Many other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

  • The astropy package is now a requirement (needed for the cosmology package and some utilities).

v0.2.1, 19th Oct 2012 – Fixed problems with the PyPI upload.

v0.2.0, Oct 2012 – Initial release.

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