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Using basic algorithms via c++

Project description

# BasicAlgo

## 1. Introduction

This library is intended to the users who want to use basic algorithms from c++ into python. The basic algorithms includes: 1. Kadane’s Algorithm 2. Next permutation 3. Longest consecutive sequence 4. Fractional knapsack 5. N-Queens 6. Sudoku solving 7. M colouring problem 8. Print all permutations of a string 9. Word break 10. Palindrome partitioning 11. Subset sum 12. Kth permutation sequence 13. Check for balanced parentheses 14. Next greater element 15. LRU cache 16. Largest rectangle in histogram 17. Reverse words in string 18. Longest Common prefix 19. Rabin Karp 20. Prefix function / Z-function 21. KMP Algorithm 22. Binary tree, traversals and views 23. Height of binary tree 24. LCA in binary tree 25. Maximum sum path 26. Binary tree from inorder and preorder 27. Binary tree from inorder and postorder 28. BST - insertion, deletion and search 29. LCA in BST 30. Floor and Ceil in BST 31. Kth smallest and Kth largest number in BST 32. Flood-fill Algorithm 33. DFS 34. BFS 35. Detect a cycle in Graph 36. Topological Sort. 37. Number of islands 38. Kosaraju’s Algorithm 39. Dijkstra’s Algorithm 40. Bellman Ford Algorithm 41. Floyd Warshall Algorithm 42. MST using Prim’s Algorithm 43. MST using Kruskal’s Algorithm 44. Max product subarray 45. Longest increasing subsequence 46. Longest common subsequence 47. 0/1 Knapsack Problem 48. Coin Change 49. Subset sum 50. Egg dropping 51. Palindrome partitioning

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