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Functional tests for teaching activities

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Kills Bugs Dead!

This package is a minimalist functional test suite for binaries. It relies on a description of tests usually in test.yml or test.json.

The documentation is available here.

Test file format

It can be either a .yml or a .json file.

version: 1
  - name: Arguments check
      - name: No errors if two arguments
        args: [1, 2]
        exit: 0
      - name: Error if less than two arguments
        args: [1]
        exit: 1
  - name: Stdout is the sum of arguments
    args: [1, 2]
    stdout: []
  - name: Version on stderr
    args: ['--version']
      - regex: '\b\d\.\d\.\d\b'
      - contains: 'Version'


$ info-test -v ./a.out
Test 1: Arguments check
    Test 1.1: No errors if two arguments................ PASSED
    Test 1.2: Error if less than two arguments.......... PASSED
Test 2: Stdout is the sum of arguments.................. PASSED
Test 3: Version on stderr............................... PASSED

Ran 4 tests in 0.0s.


How to install?

pip3 install -U baygon

Build documentation

The documentation is build upon VuePress.

cd docs
yarn install
yarn docs:build
yarn docs:dev

Contributing ?

sudo apt update python-venv
git clone
cd baygon
python -m venv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -e .

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Baygon-0.5.1.tar.gz (59.4 kB view hashes)

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