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A memory-efficient packed representation for bit arrays in pure Python

Project description

Consult the module API page at

for all information related to this module, including information regarding the latest changes to the code. The page at the URL shown above lists all of the module functionality you can invoke in your own code.

With regard to the basic purpose of the module, it defines the BitVector class as a memory-efficient packed representation for bit arrays. The class comes with a large number of methods for using the representation in diverse applications such as computer security, computer vision, etc.

Version 3.5.0 makes the module compatible with Python 3.9 and also reverts __add__ to its implementation in 3.4.8 to get around a bug.

Version 3.4.9 includes significantly faster implementations for concatenating and extending bitvectors.

The class is provided with the following operators/methods:

  • __add__

  • __and__

  • __contains__

  • __eq__, __ne__, __lt__, __le__, __gt__, __ge__

  • __getitem__

  • __iadd__

  • __int__

  • __invert__

  • __iter__

  • __len__

  • __lshift__

  • __or__

  • __rshift__

  • __setitem__

  • __str__

  • __xor__

  • close_file_object

  • count_bits

  • count_bits_sparse (faster for sparse bit vectors)

  • deep_copy

  • divide_into_two

  • gcd (for greatest common divisor)

  • gen_random_bits

  • get_bitvector_in_ascii

  • get_bitvector_in_hex

  • gf_divide_by_modulus (for modular divisions in GF(2^n))

  • gf_MI (for multiplicative inverse in GF(2^n))

  • gf_multiply (for multiplications in GF(2))

  • gf_multiply_modular (for multiplications in GF(2^n))

  • hamming_distance

  • int_val (for returning the integer value)

  • is_power_of_2

  • is_power_of_2_sparse (faster for sparse bit vectors)

  • jaccard_distance

  • jaccard_similarity

  • length

  • min_canonical

  • multiplicative_inverse

  • next_set_bit

  • pad_from_left

  • pad_from_right

  • permute

  • rank_of_bit_set_at_index

  • read_bits_from_file

  • reset

  • reverse

  • runs

  • set_value

  • shift_left (for non-circular left shift)

  • shift_right (for non-circular right shift)

  • test_for_primality

  • unpermute

  • write_to_file

  • write_bits_to_stream_object

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BitVector-3.5.0.tar.gz (161.7 kB view hashes)

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