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A tool for creating Boiler Plates.

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boip is an abbreviation for Boiler Plate.

A library that generates code from code templates based on the answers to some questions.
I am a technical artist.
Therefore, the template to be added has a lot of code generation such as Maya related.

1. How to use.

1.1. pip install

python -m pip install boip

1.2. Run boip with CLI.

python -m boip

1.3. CD to the folder where you want to place the template.

cd "Folder path where you want to place the template."

1.4. Choose a template and answer your questions.

Image from Gyazo

1.5. Check the generated folder.

It is copied under cd with the last selected folder name.
Since I chose "Maya Qt-MVC" this time, a template of Maya + Qt + MVC pattern is generated.

Image from Gyazo

2. Add your own template.

Prepare a code template (BoipSet) in advance. Then specify the folder path where BoipSet is located with the -s flag.

python -m boip -s "Target folder path."

2.1. What is BoipSet?

The following two are set as a Boip Set.

  • After asking a question, a folder named "template" to use for replacement.
  • Configuration file named boip.yaml.


2.1.1. How to write boip.yaml.

title: MayaQt-MVC # template name
convertExtensions: # distExtension srcExtension(The same extension is okay.)
  py: py
  ui: ui
question: # question list
  - name: tool_name # Name to use for replacement. Use with {Name} for stationery.
    message: "Tool name?" # Question.
    default: sampleWindow # Default Value.

  - name: maya_version
    message: "What version of Maya are you using?"
    default: 2020

2.1.2. How to make a template.

The folders under template will be copied. After that, the inside of {name} is converted by the answer to the question.
It is expected that automatic generation will be included in the future, but currently it is manual.

Example)In the case of "MayaQt-MVC" above.
I have two questions, {tool_name} and {maya_version}.

  • template
import sys

  • answer the questions.
Tool name? > sampleWindow
What version of Maya are you using? > 2020
  • After generation. The answer to the question will be converted to the following.
import sys


If you have a nice template, Please make a merge request!

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