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OIDC Service Provider for Bottle

Project description

BottleOIDC - OIDC Service Provider for Bottle

BottleOIDC is an OpenID Connect module providing authentication and authorization for Bottle web Framework web apps.

BottleOIDC supports OIDC auto discovery to simplify configuration and deployment.


# pip install BottleOIDC

This loads the necessary python modules including bottle and BottleSessions, requests, and PyJWT.

Using BottleOIDC

from bottle import Bottle
from BottleSessions import BottleSessions
from BottleOIDC import BottleOIDC
from config import oidc_config

app = Bottle()
auth = BottleOIDC(app, config=oidc_config)

def login():
    return f'hello {auth.my_username}'

    return 'You must be bob'

if __name__ == '__main__:

Signature and Parameters

auth = BottleOIDC(app, config)

app - the Bottle() application context object. Required.

config - a python dict of configuration parameters and options. Required.

Configuration Options

BottleOIDC is configured by passing a python dict with the necessary parameters:

Example Configuration

oidc_config = {
  "discovery_url": "<tenentid>/V2.0/.well-known/openid-configuration",
  "client_id": "1b170767-1234-5678-abcd-90ff90ff90ff",
  "client_secret": "MYCLIENTsecret",
  "client_scope": ["openid", "email", "profile", ],
  "user_attr" : "email",

discovery_url - oidc auto discovery url of the IdP. Required.

client_id - oidc client identifier of the app registered with IdP. Required.

client_secret - oidc client secret for the app provided by the IdP. Required.

client_scope - a Python list of requested scopes. Default is ['openid', 'email', 'profile']).

user_attr - attribute to set username. Default is email

logout_idp - on logout, initiate IdP logout process. Default is False.

BottleOIDC Object Properties

auth.is_authenticated - Is True if the current session is authenticated.

auth.my_username - Returns None if the user is not authenticated. Returns user_attr value from the Id token, or 'AuthenticatedUser' if the attribute was not available in the Id token.

auth.my_attrs - Returns dict of attrs returned in the Id token, or {} if not authenticated.

Example using object properties:

def view():
    if auth.is_authenticated:
        return {
            'user': auth.my_username,
            'data': auth.my_attrs
        return 'You are not Authenticated.'

BottleSaml methods


return auth.initiate_login(next, force_reauth, userhint)

init_login() returns OIDC code grant request redirect to iDP that initiates login. Arguments:

next - URL to redirect after login completed. Optional.

force_reauth - True requests IdP to require full reauth for this login. Default False

userhint - (where possible) provides the iDP with username hint. Default None


return auth.initiate_logout(next)

initiate_logout() clears the Session data to log the user out locally. (To logout from IdP set the logout_idp config option to True.)

next - URL to redirect after logout completed. Default is '/', Optional.

def logout():
    return auth.initiate_logout()


def view():
    return 'logged in'

Decorates a function to initiate login if the session is not authenticated. On successful authentication the browser will be redirected to the view.


def hook(username, attrs):
    return username, attrs

Decorates a function to runs after OIDC authentication is completed and tokens have been retrieved.

Login hooks can process and filter username and Id token attributes before the data is stored in the session. Hooks are run in the order they are added.


@auth.require_user(['bob', 'alice'])
def view():
    return 'only bob or alice can get here'

Decorator adds authorization requirement to a view. If the sessions username is in the list, the view is reached and processed. Otherwise returns a 403 Unauthorized error if the user is not in the list.

@auth.require_attr(attr, value)

@auth.require_attr(attr='groups', value=['sysadmin', 'netadmin']) 
def view():
    return 'you are in sysadmin or netadmin'

Decorator adds authorization requirement to a view. If the session has the desired attribute (in the id token) and it matches one of the values listed, the view is reached and processed. Otherwise returns a 403 Unauthorized error.

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