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Autogenerate Colander schemas based on SQLAlchemy models.

Project description


ColanderAlchemy helps you to auto-generate Colander schemas that are based on SQLAlchemy mapped classes.

Such Colander schemas can be used with libraries like Deform and helps remove the need for duplication of schema definitions.


Latest documentation is at: Read The Docs.


Using pip command:

pip install ColanderAlchemy


ColanderAlchemy is distributed under the MIT license.

Development version

Fork the development version on GitHub.

The branch ‘0.1’ contains the old version of ColanderAlchemy: 0.1x The branch ‘master’ contains the new version of ColanderAlchemy: 0.3x


Please use Github Issue System for support requests (bug report, feature requests, other kind of help requests).

Follow me on Twitter @stefontanelli to receive notifications about new releases.

Change Log

0.3.4 (2020-03-03)

  • no functional changes; updates to tests and supported versions

0.3.3 (2015-07-20)

  • Allow recursive schema creation (PR #81). [Ademan, offlinehacker]

  • Allow includes, excludes and overrides to be specified in __colanderalchemy_config__ and applied to the SchemaNode. [davidjb]

  • Clarify documentation for quickstart. [davidjb]

0.3.2.post1 (2015-03-11)

  • Only apply declaratively defined settings to the outer Sequence when mapping an SQLAlchemy relationship. Previously, overrides were applied to both the Sequence and Mapping nodes, leading to unexpected behaviour. [davidjb]

  • The order in which fields are added are now properly maintained (issue #45) [uralbash]

  • Added ability to override fields on their own (PR #69, #70) [uralbash]

  • Allow setting ColanderAlchemy options in sqlalchemy type. [pieterproigia]

  • Make it possible to set the unknown colander.Mapping option using __colanderalchemy_config__ (PR #78) [elemoine]

0.3.1 (2014-03-19)

  • maintain the order of SQLAlchemy object attributes in the Colander schema [tisdall]

  • use Colander defaults wherever explicit settings are not given [tisdall]

  • added tests for confirming documentation examples [tisdall]

  • added fix and test for issue #35 (thrown exception on encountering synonym() ) [tisdall]

  • made changes to accommodate SQLAlchemy >= 0.9a [tisdall]

  • allows “children” override (issue #44) [tisdall]

  • no longer call callable SQLAlchemy defaults to fill in colander default values (issue #43) [tisdall]

  • fixed some minor issues with colander default and missing values to ensure transitive relationships (such as dictify/objectify) [tisdall]

  • require colander 1.0b1 or greater to support colander.drop (issue #52) [tisdall]

0.3 (2013-11-04)

  • Add objectify function on SQLAlchemySchemaNode – use this to recreate SQLAlchemy object instances from the configured mappers. This new method is the opposite of dictify. [davidjb]

  • Colander’s DateTime now defaults to using a naive datetime when no timezone is provided, similar to SQLAlchemy. [tisdall]

  • fixed defaults for SchemaNode.default and SchemaNode.missing [tisdall]

0.2 (2013-05-16)

  • No changes.

0.2a1 (2012-04-09)

  • Ensure relationship mapped schemas have a name. This ensures correct usage with Deform.

  • Ensure missing schema node information correctly maps to SQLAlchemy structures.

  • Map missing information for “required” relationships based upon the join condition. This can be further customised by given relationships setting missing=colander.required within their respective configurations.

  • Read Colander node init settings for a mapped class using the __colanderalchemy__ attribute. This allows for full customisation of the resulting colander.Mapping SchemaNode.

  • Allow non-SQLAlchemy schema nodes within SQLAlchemySchemaNode. Previously, the dictify method would throw an AttributeError.

  • Fix for python 3k

0.1b7 (Unreleased)

  • Ensure relationships are mapped recursively and adhere to ColanderAlchemy settings for mappings.

  • Remove dictify method in SQLAlchemyMapping.

0.1b6 (2012-10-17)

  • Fix minor bugs.

0.1b5 (2012-09-19)

  • Fix bug in MappingRegistry.__init__: pkeys is a list of property keys instead of column name

  • Add support to specify schema node ordering.

0.1b4 (2012-08-06)

  • Fix bug related to ‘ca_include=False’.

  • Change tests to cover that bug.

0.1b3 (2012-08-02)

  • Fix issue related to mapped class inheritance.

  • Fix minor bugs.

0.1b2 (2012-06-14)

  • Added support to use ColanderAlchemy declaratively.

0.1b (2012-05-19)

  • Added SQLAlchemyMapping.dictify method.

  • Updated tests with checks needed to test SQLAlchemyMapping.dictify.

0.1.0a2 (unreleased)

  • Mentioned supported Python versions in trove classifiers.

  • Updated tests to run with current colander versions.

  • Made compatible with Python 3.2.

0.1.0a (2012-03-24)

  • Initial public release.

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