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Package for interacting with cve-search

Project description

The CveXplore package aims to provide an object related way to interact with the data collected or hosted by a cve-search instance. It provides an ambiguous way to interact either to the cve-search mongodb or to the cve-search API. All the data provided by this interaction is converted into objects before being returned. And thus providing a way to interact with objects rather then with raw data.


As stated you will need to have one of two things; in order to fully use this package you need access to:

  • A cve-search mongodb instance


  • A cve-search API instance

Both of them can be easily created on a physical machine or via a docker instance of cve-search; please check cve-search or CVE-Search-Docker for further details.


Package is hosted on pypi, so just run:

pip install CveXplorer



CveXplore can be instantiated with different parameters, depending to which data source you’re going to connect to. If no parameters are given it is assumed that you’re going to connect to a mongodb database running on localhost with default port and security settings (Cve Search default parameters).

>>> from CveXplore import CveXplore
>>> cvx = CveXplore()
>>> cvx.version

To let CveXplore connect to an mongodb with specific parameters:

>>> from CveXplore import CveXplore
>>> cvx = CveXplore(mongodb_connection_details={"host": "", "port": 27017})
>>> cvx.version

And to let CveXplore talk to an Cve Search API:

>>> from CveXplore import CveXplore
>>> cvx = CveXplore(api_connection_details={"address": ("", 443), "api_path": "api"})
>>> cvx.version

Project details

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