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an easy and instant media streaming tool

Project description


DeeFuzzer is a new light and instant software made for streaming audio and video over internet. It is dedicated to people who wants to create playlisted web radios or web TVs with rich media contents including some metadata.

Here are the main features of the deefuzzer:

  • MP3 and OGG (audio & video) file streaming over internet (Icecast)

  • Full metadata encapsulation and management

  • RSS podcast generator (current tracks and playlists)

  • M3U playlist generator

  • Recursive, random (shuffled) or pre-defined playlists

  • Multi-threaded architecture : multiple station streaming with one config file

  • Auto Twitter posting of the current playing and new tracks

  • Jingling between main tracks

  • OSC controller : control the main functions from a distant terminal

  • Station relaying : stream other stations like LIVE sessions !

  • Very light and optimized streaming process

It is neccessary to provide a config file which sets all needed parameters Please see example/myfuzz.xml for an example.


The easiest way to install the DeeFuzzer is to do:

sudo easy_install deefuzzer


sudo pip install deefuzzer

For a manual install, see INSTALL


Usage : deefuzzer CONFIGFILE

where CONFIGFILE is the path for a XML config file. For example:

deefuzzer example/deefuzzer.xml

To make the deefuzzer act as a deamon, just play it in the background:

deefuzzer example/deefuzzer.xml &

Note that you must edit the config file with right parameters before playing. You can find an example for a draft XML file in the directory “example/” of this application (maybe in /usr/share/deefuzzer/example/ if installed with the help of

Since 0.3, deefuzzer doesn’t print anything into the shell, then a right <log> parameter is needed in the XML config file.

BE CAREFULL : at the moment, the multi-threaded implementation of deefuzzer instances avoids shutting down the streams with CTRL+C… You have to kill them manually, after a CTRL+Z, making this:

pkill -9 deefuzzer

XML Configuration

See example/deefuzz_doc.xml in a text editor. The inline comments should help you to configure your stations.

OSC Control

We can now control some functions of the deefuzzer with external commands coming from an OSC client. These are accessible only if the “control” tag is set up in the config file (see example/myfuzz.xml again…).

Next track:

python tools/

Start twitting:

python tools/

Stop twitting:

python see tools/

Start relaying:

python tools/

Stop relaying:

python see tools/

Start jingling:

python see tools/

Stop jingling:

python see tools/


Guillaume Pellerin <>


This software is licensed as described in the file LICENSE, which you should have received as part of this distribution. The terms are also available at


This work is inspired by the great - C coded - Oddsock’s streaming program : Ezstream. Since I needed to patch it in order to modify the playlist (randomize for example) and make external batch tools to create multiple channels, I decided to rewrite it from scratch in python.

Some parts of this work are also taken from another Parisson’s project : Telemeta (see

Contact / Infos

see or for more info.

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