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Process config file as a dict

Project description

What's it features

* as simple as others
* you can access options according to dict syntax, just like x['name']['o'] = 1,
x['name'].keys(), x['name'].values(), etc.
* you also can access options according to attr syntax, just like = 1,,, etc. So the name must be Identifier or single
* you can save comments in it(but this feature is not tested so much)
* support multi level section, subsection name will just like: [firsub/secsub]
* can save config items order
* support multi data types: string, unicode, int, float, list/tuple, dict, etc,
you can save them to or regain them from config file
* can convert to dict '''new'''
* auto detect BOM of utf-8 file '''new'''
* It's a little module, just for my mind, so if you like, you could try it, but
if you don't like, just skip it, that's ok

Where can I download it?

* Visit the site
* Project is in

What's new?
* 2012/10/14 Version 0.9.9 author:vicwjb {}
* Using 2to3 convert the source code
* Fix original str and unicode calls, remove unicode calls, and remove encoding processes
* Remove encrypt processes?
* Fix some syntax bugs, make it more pythonic
* If you want to use dict4ini in python3, you should import dict4ini3 module instead.

* 2011/11/08 Version 0.9.8

* Remove read file skip not exsisted judge, instead of raising Exception
* Add __enter__ and __exit__ to DictNode, thanks to yxj <381323646 AT>

* 2011/01/18 Version 0.9.7

* Fix #8 bug

* 2009/11/02 Version 0.9.6

* Add update method.

* 2008/03/14 Version 0.9.5

* Fix bug, and you can import dict4ini from dict4ini package

* 2008/02/16 Version

* Fix comment process, if you comment with node._comment, then if the comment
does not begin with '#'(commentdelimeter), it'll automatically add it.

* 2007/09/22 Version 0.9.3

* Improve the comment process
* Improve empty section process
* Add normal format support, so each value should be treated string type

* 2007/09/19 Version

* Save boolean value to 0 or 1
* Add iterator support, and you can use `for i in ini` to iterator (key,value)
* Add 'in' test support, so you can test if a key is in a ini via `key in
ini`, it's the same with `ini.has_key(key)`

* 2007/09/17 Version

* Fix the end string is \" bug

* 2007/08/08 Version

* Fix sub section bug, for secretSection argument, dict4ini will encrypt all
subsections of a secretSection, for example, secretSection=['a', 'c'], then all
subsections of 'a' and 'c' will be encrypted.
* Add missing file.

* 2007/07/09 Version thanks to Mayowa Akinyemi

* Add the ability to protect specific sections. When use with the secretKey or
hideData only section names listed in the secretSections parameter will be

* 2007/07/03 Version 0.9.2

* Add clear method
* Added encryption code thanks to Mayowa Akinyemi using the secretKey
parameter will encrypt the values using Paul Rubin's encryption module
using the hideData parameter will perform base64 enc/dec of the values

* 2007/06/26 Version 0.9.1

* Fix float convert bug

* 2007/06/13 Version 0.9

* Thanks for Victor Stinner giving a output format patch, so you can define
your own output format "%s = %s" to anything you want, for example "%s=%s" or
"%s:%s". And Dict4Ini will auto remove '%s' from the fromat string, and the
strip() the rest of the string, then use it to split the key and value in Ini
file. For example, if you using "%s:%", Dict4Ini will get "%s:%s".replace('%s',
'').strip(), then use ':' to split the line.

* 2007/04/20 Version 0.8

* Add exception process when parsing file
* Add BOM detect

* 2007/04/19 Version 0.7

* Fix '\' escape

* 2006/03/21 Version 0.6

* Fix ordereditems bug.

* 2006/01/04 Version 0.5

* 2006/01/04

* Add ordereditems() method, so you can get the items according the ini file

* 2005/12/30

* Support onelevel parameter, you can set it True, than only one level can
be used, so that the key can include section delimeter char in it.
* Support sectiondelimeter parmeter, you can set the section delimeter to
which you want

* 2005/12/12 Version 0.4

* Fixed a bug about "\" in option's value, thanks to Andreas Kaiser

* 2005/12/09 Version 0.3

* Adding dict() method, then you can change the DictIni object to dict type,
so you can really use it as a dict alternative

* 2005/10/16 Version 0.2

* Saving config items order
* Support float format

Project details

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