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Easy way to communicate with S7 series PLC.

Project description

# EasyS7

EasyS7 is a python library for reading datablocks from Siemens S7 series PLCs . It depends on python-snap7 library so you should first install the library.

## Installation

Before installing EasyS7 you should follow the steps that are described in [documentation]( After that, you can install EasyS7 over package manager [pip]( with the folowing command

`bash $ pip install EasyS7 `

## Usage

To be able to use this library, you should have a layout of your db that you want to read. This layout is used to get data types and their ofsets to be able to operate related byte converting operations. This layout can be obtained by copying the db from the TIA portal in to a txt file. You should copy the first 3 columns that contains the name, data type and ofset informations. An example layout is : ` dummy1 Real 0 dummy2 Int 4 dummy3 Int 6 dummy4 Real 8 dummy5 Real 12 dummy6 Real 16 dummy7 Real 20 dummy8 Int 24 dummy9 Int 26 dummy10 Int 28 dummy11 Int 30 dummy12 Int 32 dummy13 Int 34 dummy14 Int 36 dummy15 Int 38 dummy16 String[32] 40 dummy17 Bool 74.0 dummy18 Bool 74.1 dummy19 Bool 74.2 dummy20 Bool 74.3 dummy21 Bool 74.4 dummy22 Bool 74.5 dummy23 Bool 74.6 dummy24 Bool 74.7 dummy25 Bool 75.0 dummy26 Real 76 dummy27 Bool 80.0 dummy28 Bool 80.1 dummy29 Bool 80.2 ` You can read the related data with this example code `python from EasyS7.PLC import PLC plc = PLC('',0,1) #create a PLC object with ip, rack and slot plc.connect() #create a connection data = plc.readDb('path/to/file.txt',130) #read db with layout and db number `

The output dictionary is like: `python {'dummy1': 0.8399999737739563, 'dummy2': 15, 'dummy3': 120, 'dummy4': 14.0, 'dummy5': 4.510000228881836, 'dummy6': 2.7216904163360596, 'dummy7': 0.19440646469593048, 'dummy8': 2, 'dummy9': 0, 'dummy10': 0, 'dummy11': 0, 'dummy12': 0, 'dummy13': 0, 'dummy14': 0, 'dummy15': 0, 'dummy16': 'Kompozit 3', 'dummy17': False, 'dummy18': False, 'dummy19': False, 'dummy20': False, 'dummy21': False, 'dummy22': False, 'dummy23': False, 'dummy24': False, 'dummy25': False, 'dummy26': 67.78571319580078, 'dummy27': False, 'dummy28': False, 'dummy29': True} `

# Contributing Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

# License [MIT](

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