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EthTx transaction decoder.

Project description

EthTx - Ethereum transactions decoder

Python Black OpenSource Apache


pip install ethtx


The package needs a few external resources, defined in EthTxConfig object:

  1. Geth node - required to have access to the raw Ethereum data; it must be a full archive node with the debug option ON
  2. MongoDB database - required to store smart contracts' ABI and semantics used in the decoding process; it can be a Mongo Atlas or local instance
  3. Etherscan API key - required to get the source code and ABI for smart contracts used in transaction

Getting started

from ethtx import EthTx, EthTxConfig
from ethtx.models.decoded_model import DecodedTransaction

ethtx_config = EthTxConfig(
    mongo_connection_string= ##MongoDB connection string,
    mongo_database= ##MongoDB database,
    etherscan_api_key= ##Etherscan API key,
        "mainnet": dict(hook=[_Geth_archive_node_URL_], poa=[_POA_chain_indicator_])
        "mainnet": "",

ethtx = EthTx.initialize(ethtx_config)
transaction: DecodedTransaction = ethtx.decoders.decode_transaction('0x50051e0a6f216ab9484c2080001c7e12d5138250acee1f4b7c725b8fb6bb922d')


EthTx most important functions:

  1. Raw node data access:
ethtx = EthTx.initialize(ethtx_config)
web3provider = ethtx.providers.web3provider

from ethtx.models.w3_model import W3Transaction, W3Block, W3Receipt, W3CallTree

# read raw transaction data directly from the node
w3transaction: W3Transaction = web3provider.get_transaction('0x50051e0a6f216ab9484c2080001c7e12d5138250acee1f4b7c725b8fb6bb922d')
w3block: W3Block = web3provider.get_block(w3transaction.blockNumber)
w3receipt: W3Receipt = web3provider.get_receipt(w3transaction.hash.hex())
w3calls: W3CallTree = web3provider.get_calls(w3transaction.hash.hex()
  1. ABI decoding:
from ethtx.models.objects_model import Transaction, Event, Call
from ethtx.models.decoded_model import DecodedEvent, DecodedCall, DecodedTransfer, DecodedBalance

# read the raw transaction from the node
transaction: Transaction = web3provider.get_full_transaction('0x50051e0a6f216ab9484c2080001c7e12d5138250acee1f4b7c725b8fb6bb922d')

# decode transaction components
abi_decoded_events: List[Event] = ethtx.decoders.abi_decoder.decode_events(, transaction.metadata)
abi_decoded_calls: DecodedCall = ethtx.decoders.abi_decoder.decode_calls(transaction.root_call, transaction.metadata)
abi_decoded_transfers: List[DecodedTransfer] = ethtx.decoders.abi_decoder.decode_transfers(abi_decoded_calls, abi_decoded_events)
abi_decoded_balances: List[DecodedBalance] = ethtx.decoders.abi_decoder.decode_balances(abi_decoded_transfers)

# decode a single event
raw_event: Event =[3]
abi_decoded_event: DecodedEvent = ethtx.decoders.abi_decoder.decode_event(raw_event, transaction.metadata)

# decode a single call
raw_call: Call = transaction.root_call.subcalls[3].subcalls[2]
abi_decoded_call: DecodedCall = ethtx.decoders.abi_decoder.decode_call(raw_call, transaction.metadata)
  1. Semantic decoding:
from ethtx.models.decoded_model import DecodedTransactionMetadata

# get proxies used in the transaction
proxies = ethtx.decoders.get_proxies(transaction.root_call)

# semantically decode transaction components
decoded_metadata: DecodedTransactionMetadata = ethtx.decoders.semantic_decoder.decode_metadata(block.metadata, transaction.metadata, chain_id)
decoded_events: List[DecodedEvent] = ethtx.decoders.semantic_decoder.decode_events(abi_decoded_events, decoded_metadata, proxies)
decoded_calls: Call = ethtx.decoders.semantic_decoder.decode_calls(abi_decoded_calls, decoded_metadata, proxies)
decoded_transfers: List[DecodedTransfer] = ethtx.decoders.semantic_decoder.decode_transfers(abi_decoded_transfers)
decoded_balances: List[DecodedBalance] = ethtx.decoders.semantic_decoder.decode_balances(abi_decoded_balances)

# semantically decode a single event
decoded_event: DecodedEvent = ethtx.decoders.semantic_decoder.decode_event(abi_decoded_events[0], decoded_metadata, proxies)
# semantically decode a single call
decoded_call: Call = ethtx.decoders.semantic_decoder.decode_call(abi_decoded_calls.subcalls[2].subcalls[0], decoded_metadata, proxies)

Project details

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