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Facebook Chat (Messenger) for Python

Project description

Facebook Chat (Messenger) for Python. This project was inspired by facebook-chat-api. FBBack (pronunce F-B-Back) was forked from Taehoon Kim (/ @carpedm20)’s fbchat.

No XMPP or API key is needed. Just use your ID and PASSWORD.



$ pip install FBBack


import FBBack

client = FBBack.Client("YOUR_ID", "YOUR_PASSWORD")

Sending a Message

friends = client.getUsers("FRIEND'S NAME")  # return a list of names
friend = friends[0]
sent = client.send(friend.uid, "Your Message")
if sent:
    print("Message sent successfully!")
client.sendLocalImage(friend.uid,message='<message text>',image='<path/to/image/file>') # send local image
imgurl = ""
client.sendRemoteImage(friend.uid,message='<message text>', image=imgurl) # send image from image url

Getting user info from user id

friend1 = client.getUsers('<friend name 1>')[0]
friend2 = client.getUsers('<friend name 2>')[0]
friend1_info = client.getUserInfo(friend1.uid) # returns dict with details
both_info = client.getUserInfo(friend1.uid,friend2.uid) # query both together, returns list of dicts
friend1_name = friend1_info['name']

Getting last messages sent

last_messages = client.getThreadInfo(friend.uid,0)
last_messages.reverse()  # messages come in reversed order

for message in last_messages:

Example Echobot

import FBBack

# Subclass FBBack.Client and override required methods

class EchoBot(FBBack.Client):

    def __init__(self, email, password, debug=True, user_agent=None):
        FBBack.Client.__init__(self, email, password, debug, user_agent)

    def on_message(self, mid, author_id, author_name, message, metadata):
        self.markAsDelivered(author_id, mid) #mark delivered
        self.markAsRead(author_id) #mark read

        print("%s said: %s"%(author_id, message))

        #if you are not the author, echo
        if str(author_id) != str(self.uid):

bot = EchoBot("<email>", "<password>")


Original author: Taehoon Kim / @carpedm20 Frked by: Le Goff Vincent / @vlegoff

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