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A package for managing E/S of Raspberry pi or PCduino. Gestion des E/S d'un Raspberry PI ou d'un pcduino

Project description

FGPIO Lib - A package for managing E/S of Raspberry pi or PCduino
- Une librairie pour gerer les e/s d'un RPi ou d'un pcduino

This package allows to manage the following components with a Raspberry PI or pcduino
(Ce module permet de gerer les composants suivants avec un Raspberry PI ou un pcduino)

- Rpi or pcduino with rpiduino_io
- Bouton with bt_io
- Led with led_io
- lcd with lcd_io
- luminosity with lum_capteur_io
- max7219 with max7219_io
- radio controlled plugs
with rcSwitch_io et prises
- Ultrasonic distance sensor
with UltraSonic_io
- DHT11 temperature sensor
with dht11_io
- GPIO extension
MCP23017 with mcp23017_io
PCA9555 (DF ROBOT DFR0013)
with pca9555_io
- rotary encoder with rotary_encoder_io
- a menu on lcd and rotary encoder
with f_menu
- CAN mcp3004/3008 with mcp300x_io
- temperature RF sensors
with rf_recept_io
- servo motors with servo_motor_io
- Gyroscope accelerometer MPU-6050
with mpu_6050_io
- Detector qrd1114 with qrd1114_io
- CT sensor YHDC with SCT013_v_io
- HRLV max sonar sensor with hrlv_max_sonar_io
- Relays with relay_io
- buzzer with buzz_io
- rain_sensor with rain_sensor_io

All input component can be use with thread (see examples)

Installation :
pip install FGPIO

Example :

from FGPIO.rpiduino_io import *
from FGPIO.led_io import *
pc = rpiduino_io()
led = led_io(pc.logical_pin(2))

def action_bt_change():
if bt.th_readed():
print "bt Pushed."

bt = bt_io(pc.logical_pin(10), True, action_bt_change)

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FGPIO-0.6.1.tar.gz (49.3 kB view hashes)

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