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Fork of aubricus/ originated from StackOverflow's Greenstick to allow using multiple progress bars along with regular message logger.

Project description

# FancyLogger
Fork of [aubricus/]( originated from [StackOverflow's Greenstick]( to allow using multiple progress bars along with regular message logger.

* Support for multiple progress bars
* Auto-scrolling message logger below the progress bars
* Configurable decimals for percentage
* Display elapsed time in human readable format from seconds to weeks
* Display a prefix to the left of the progress bar
* Display a suffix to the right of the progress bar
* Keep alive even when completed
* Displayed length of the progress bar can vary
* Multiple progress bars will stay left-aligned
* Keep space for permanent progress bar slots
* Define the maximum number of displayed messages, but log files will keep them all
* Python's multiprocessing support

## Iterator usage

# coding: utf-8

import os
import sys
import time
from multiprocessing import Process
from random import randrange

from FancyLogger import FancyLogger, TaskProgress

def pid(text):
return '[{}] : {}'.format(os.getpid(), text)

class WorkerClass(Process):

def __init__(self, logger):
super(WorkerClass, self).__init__()

self.logger = logger

# Define a random progress bar
self.enumerable_data = range(randrange(50, 500))

def run(self):'Hello there :)'))

# Here we simulate some work using a progress bar iterator
for _ in self.logger.progress(enumerable=self.enumerable_data,
task_progress_object=TaskProgress(total=None, # Total is computed by iterator
time.sleep(.01)'See you later!'))

class App(object):

def __init__(self):
super(App, self).__init__()

def example(cls):

# Configure and start the logger process
logger = FancyLogger(permanent_progressbar_slots=9)

# Create a random list of worker processes
workers = [WorkerClass(logger) for _ in range(randrange(5, 10))]'[main] : Start processing things')

# Start processes
for w in workers:

# Wait for processes one by one, using a progress bar iterator for the main thread
for w in logger.progress(enumerable=workers,
task_progress_object=TaskProgress(total=None, # Total is computed by iterator
prefix='Main task',
w.join()'[main] : End of processing ({} objects)'.format(len(workers)))

# Display log messages and progress bars as they are right now, to see their last state before exiting
# Indeed the logger uses a refresh rate that can be set during initialization. If you do not call flush method
# then you might miss the last messages and progress bar states that have not been displayed yet
# Stop the logger process

if __name__ == '__main__':

## In-depth usage

# coding: utf-8

import sys
import time
from random import randrange

from FancyLogger import FancyLogger, TaskProgress

class App(object):

def example(cls):

# Different configurations for demo

# logger = FancyLogger(permanent_progressbar_slots=5)
# logger = FancyLogger(permanent_progressbar_slots=3,
# message_number=5,
# task_seconds_to_removal=1)
logger = FancyLogger(message_number=15,

# Define new tasks
tasks = [TaskProgress(total=150,
suffix='Video game!',
prefix='You have to be patient please'),
prefix='This one is permanent',
suffix='and I am still there :)',
prefix='Almost done !',

# Add tasks into the logger
for i, t in enumerate(tasks):
logger.set_task_object(task_id='task{}'.format(i), task_progress_object=t)

for i in range(1, 200):

random = randrange(0, 5)
if random == 0:'This is an info :)')
elif random == 1:
logger.warning('You should read this carefully!')
elif random == 2:
logger.debug('Don\'t bother read this')
elif random == 3:
logger.error('Something went wrong :(')
elif random == 4:
logger.critical('Ouch x_x')

random = randrange(0, 4)
if random == 0:
logger.update(task_id='task0', progress=i)
elif random == 1:
logger.update(task_id='task1', progress=i*random)
elif random == 2:
logger.update(task_id='task2', progress=i*random)
elif random == 3:
logger.update(task_id='task3', progress=i*random)

# Change settings during execution
if i == 50:

time.sleep(0.15)'Bye bye :)')

if __name__ == '__main__':

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