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An extension to manage and serve your javascript assets with bower

Project description

Flask-Bower provides a method to manage and serve bower installed packages. This simplifies javascript dependency management a lot.

To provide this, there is a flask blueprint to serve content from your bower_components directory and a custom bower_url_for() function to generate the appropriate urls


First you have to add it to your app:

from flask_bower import Bower



This provides the /bower url route and a new jinja2 function bower_url_for()

The bower_components directory has do be inside the app directory (app/bower_components - like your static and templates directories)

Install your packages like jquery with bower: bower install -S jquery

Now it should look like:

$ ls -1 app/bower_components/jquery

To include and use this, you can use bower_url_for():

<script src="{{ bower_url_for('jquery', 'dist/jquery.js') }}"></script>

Which will produce an url like (example is with BOWER_SUBDOMAIN=static):

<script src=""></script>

The Syntax is: bower_url_for(component, filename, parameters)

component is the package name (like jquery).
filename is the actual file inside the package like dist/jquery.js (also see BOWER_TRY_MINIFIED below)
parameters can be any key=value combination, which will be added to the produced url as parameter


There are several configuration options to customize the behavior:


default: bower_components

Directory name containing your installed bower packages


default: True

Append ?version= parameter to url (useful for cache busting by updates). It tries to detect the version in the following order:

  1. bower.json

  2. package.json (if available)

  3. file modification timestamp


default: True

Check if a minified version is available and serve this instead (check if a file with <filename>.min.<ext> like dist/jquery.min.js exists)


default: /bower

Customize the url prefix


default: None

Subdomain to serve the content like static (see flask blueprint documentation for subdomains)

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