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Asset management for Flask.

Project description


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* **Flask 0.8** (or later)

One of the following:

* **Java**: if you want to use `YUI Compressor`_.
* **NodeJS**: if you want to use `UglifyJS`_ or `clean-css`_.


* **LESS**: if you need to compile `LESS`_ files.

Installing YUI Compressor

To use `YUI Compressor`_ you must install Java. Once Java has been installed
make sure to set ``JAVA_BIN`` in your application config.

You can download YUI Compressor from
`<>`_ and make sure that
``YUI_COMPRESSOR_BIN`` points to the ``yuicompressor-x.y.z.jar`` file.


There are several configuration options available for **Flask-Funnel**:


A dict of CSS bundles:

.. code-block:: python

app.config['CSS_BUNDLES'] = {
'bundle1': (

Defaults to: ``{}``


A dict of JavaScript bundles:

.. code-block:: python

app.config['JS_BUNDLES'] = {
'the_bundle': (

Defaults to: ``{}``


This is the default value for the media attribute of the <link> tag for

Defaults to: ``'screen,projection,tv'``


The subdirectory of the static directory that the generated bundles are saved

Defaults to: ``'bundles'``


If you plan on using `YUI Compressor`_ you must set this variable.

*It has no default value.*


If you plan on using `YUI Compressor`_ you must set this variable.

*It has no default value.*


If you require `LESS`_ support you must point this to ``lessc``.

Defaults to: ``'lessc'``


If you want LESS files to be compiled when ``app.debug`` is ``True`` and
compressed files are not being used.

Defaults to: ``True``


If you want to use `UglifyJS`_ you must set this variable.

*It has no default value.*


If you want to use `clean-css`_ you must set this variable.

*It has no default value.*


If you are using `Flask-S3`_ you must set this to use Flask-S3's
``url_for()`` function.

Defaults to: ``False``

Including bundles in templates

To include a bundle in a template you can use the ``css()`` or ``js()``

.. code-block:: html+jinja

{# Jinja2 template #}
<!doctype html>
<title>The Title</title>
{{ css('bundle-name') }}
{{ js('bundle-name') }}

This will generate the appropriate markup for each bundle.

Note: When ``app.debug`` is ``True`` these will output markup for each file in
the bundle.

Media types for stylesheets

The ``css()`` function will, by default, generate ``<link>`` tags with a
``media`` attribute set to ``CSS_MEDIA_DEFAULT``. You can override this by
passing an optional second argument.

Using the manager to bundle and minify assets

The extension provides a sub-manager for `Flask-Script`_ which can be used as

.. code-block:: python

from flask.ext.script import Manager
from flask.ext.funnel.manager import manager as funnel_manager

manager = Manager(app)
manager.add_command('funnel', funnel_manager)

You can now use the manager to bundle and minify your assets using::

$ ./ funnel bundle_assets

This will create a ``bundle`` folder within the app's static folder to store the
bundled files. CSS bundles go into a ``css`` subfolder and JavaScript bundles go
into the ``js`` subfolder. Each of these subfolders will have a number of
``*-min.*`` files which are the compressed and minified versions of the bundles.

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.. _clean-css:
.. _Flask:
.. _Flask-S3:
.. _Flask-Script:
.. _GitHub:
.. _LESS:
.. _UglifyJS:
.. _YUI Compressor:

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