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Flask-Odoo is an extension for Flask that aims to simplify the integration with the Odoo XML-RPC API

Project description


Flask-Odoo is an extension for Flask that aims to simplify the integration with the Odoo XML-RPC External API.


Install and update using pip:

$ pip install -U Flask-Odoo


Initialize the Flask extension:

from flask import Flask
from flask_odoo import Odoo

app = Flask(__name__)
app.config["ODOO_URL"] = "http://localhost:8069"
app.config["ODOO_DB"] = "odoo"
app.config["ODOO_USERNAME"] = "admin"
app.config["ODOO_PASSWORD"] = "admin"
odoo = Odoo(app)

if you are using a Mac you may need to set unverified ssl context

app.config["USE_UNVERIFIED_SSL_CONTEXT"] = "True"

then fetch the Odoo version information by:

>>> odoo.common.version()
    "server_version": "13.0",
    "server_version_info": [13, 0, 0, "final", 0],
    "server_serie": "13.0",
    "protocol_version": 1,

or call a method on an Odoo model:

>>> odoo["res.partner"].check_access_rights("read", raise_exception=False)

If you prefer to use a higher level interface you can declare models by extending odoo.Model as follows:

class Partner(odoo.Model):
    _name = "res.partner"
    _domain = [["active", "=", True]]

    name = odoo.StringType()

count the number of records:

>>> Partner.search_count([["is_company", "=", True]])

search and read records:

>>> Partner.search_read([["is_company", "=", True]])

read records by id:

>>> partner = Partner.search_by_id(1)

create and update records:

>>> new_partner = Partner()
>>> = "Teamgeek"
>>> is None
>>> new_partner.create_or_update()

delete records:

>>> existing_partner = Partner()
>>> = 2
>>> existing_partner.delete()

The odoo.Model base extends the Schematics Model class, which means that your models inherit all the capabilities of a Schematics model. For convenience the basic Schematics types are accessible directly from the Odoo instance. These types also handle Odoo False values for non-boolean types.


Setup your development environment by running:

$ make

this will create a new Python virtualenv, install all necessary dependencies and run the tests.

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