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Connect your Flask apps to Phrase with the powerful in-context-translation solution.

Project description


Flask-Phrase is the official library for integrating Phrase Strings In-Context Editor with Flask

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To use Flask-Phrase with your application you have to:


You can find a demo project in the demo folder, just run follow the in that folder


NOTE: You can not use the old version of the ICE with integration versions of >2.0.0, you have to instead use 1.x.x versions as before

via pip

pip install Flask-Phrase


Add the following to your Flask app configuration (app.config or file)


Your app code should look something like this:

from flask import Flask, [...]
from flask_babel import Babel
from flask_phrase import Phrase, gettext, ngettext
app = Flask(__name__)
babel = Babel(app)
phrase = Phrase(app)

Last step: add the Phrase JavaScript snippet to your base layout file with the following tag. This should go inside the section of your template file:

    window.PHRASEAPP_CONFIG = {
        projectId: "YOUR-PROJECT-ID",
        accountId: "YOUR-ACCOUNT-ID",
        datacenter: "eu",
        origin: "Flask-Phrase"
    (function() {
        var phrasejs = document.createElement('script');
        phrasejs.type = 'module';
        phrasejs.async = true;
        phrasejs.src = ''
        var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(phrasejs, s);

You can find your Project-ID and Account-ID in the Phrase Translation Center.

Old version of the ICE is not available since version 2.0.0. If you still would rather use the old version, please go back to 1.x.x versions.

Using the US Datacenter with ICE

In addition to projectId and accountId in the config, also add the US specific datacenter setting to enable working through the US endpoint.

    projectId: "YOUR-PROJECT-ID",
    accountId: "YOUR-ACCOUNT-ID",
    datacenter: "us",
    origin: "Flask-Phrase"

How does it work

Set the PHRASEAPP_ENABLED to True/False to enable or disable In-Context-Editing. When set to False, it will fall back to standard Flask-Babel's gettext functions. Disable Phrase for production environments at any time!

When PHRASEAPP_ENABLED = True this package modifies the returning values from translation functions to present a format which the ICE can read.

Flask-Phrase provides In-Context translating facilities to your Flask app by hooking into flask-babel's gettext function. It exposes the underlying key names to the JavaScript editor that is provided by Phrase.


Run unit tests:

python test

:white_check_mark: Commits & Pull Requests

We welcome anyone who wants to contribute to our codebase, so if you notice something, feel free to open a Pull Request! However, we ask that you please use the Conventional Commits specification for your commit messages and titles when opening a Pull Request.

Example: chore: Update README

:question: Issues, Questions, Support

Please use GitHub issues to share your problem, and we will do our best to answer any questions or to support you in finding a solution.

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:memo: Changelog

Detailed changes for each release are documented in the changelog.

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