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Flask-RAML (REST API Markup Language) API server with parameter conversion, response encoding, and examples

Project description

# [Flask-RAML]( <a href=''><img align='right' title='Salsita' src='' /></a>

Flask-RAML (REST API Markup Language) API server with parameter conversion, response encoding, and examples.

[![Latest Version](]
[![Supported Python versions](]

## Supported Platforms

* [Python]( >= 2.6, 3.3
* [Flask]( >= 0.5

## Get Started

Install using [pip]( or [easy_install](
pip install Flask-RAML
easy_install Flask-RAML

Optionally, you can specify `yaml` or `raml` extras to install related dependencies:
pip install "Flask-RAML[yaml,raml]"
easy_install "Flask-RAML[yaml,raml]"

## Features

- Load [RAML]( API specification stored in any of supported markup languages using [PyDataLoader](
- Support [YAML]( using [PyYAML](
- Support [RAML]( using [pyraml-parser](
- Support [JSON]( using [Python 2.6+ json module](, or [Python 3.x json module](
- Provide enhanced [PyRAML]( API model.
- Reuse PyRAML extensible API spec loader and parameter converters.
- Use extensible [flask-mime-encoders]( for request/response body decoding/encoding.
- Provide enhanced route decorator with optional API request/response middleware layers.
- Auto-decode request body based on `Content-Type` header (for JSON, it reuses Flask auto-decoding).
- Convert and validate URI/query parameters.
- Auto-encode response with specified route encoders mimetype.
- Make it simple to serve API example response of requested/default MIME type.
- Make also simple to serve example responses for all unhandled API resources and methods.

## Tasks

- [ ] Release example API spec and Flask API server.
- [x] Create repository [flask-raml-example](
- [ ] Design a modular sample API spec with examples and reusable schemas, types, traits and markdown docs.
- [x] Add gulp tasks to generate HTML docs and YAML spec from the sample RAML API specs.
- [ ] Add gulp tasks for API testing using [abao](
- [ ] Add example app deployment from Github via API yaml/html build on CircleCI to uWSGI/Flask site on Heroku.
- [ ] Extend [raml2html]( API docs generator.
- [ ] Add parameter details (min/max lenght/value, pattern).
- [ ] Add API console for testing.
- [ ] Add autoselect encoder (based on request `Accept` header) to [flask-mime-encoders](
- [ ] Add request body JSON schema validation.
- [ ] Extend [raml-js-parser]( to embed local JSON schema references for validation.
- [ ] Optionally extend [pyraml-parser]( too.
- [ ] Add optional request body JSON schema validation to the route decorator.

## Changelog

### 0.1.5

#### Fixes

- Fix broken example view function attributes.
- Fix broken mime encoders import.

### 0.1.4

#### Fixes

- Fix PEP-8 style and method spec in view serving decorator.

### 0.1.3

#### Features

- Update PyRAML dependency to add default option to ignore empty parameters unless '' is specified in enum.

### 0.1.2

#### Fixes

- Fix package setup to not require dependencies preinstalled.

### 0.1.0

#### Features

- Initial release.

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