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A simple, configurable statsd client for Flask apps with optional Datadog support. It also provides optional support for Dogstatsd with the [Datadog] optional install.

Project description

# Flask-StatsClient

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## Requirements

This project requires Python 3.5+ and Flask 0.12. Test builds in Travis CI test 3.5 & 3.6.

## Installation

To install it, simply run

pip install flask-statsdclient

If you’re using Datadog( for your metric collection, you can enable the additional functionality of dogstatsd( by installing it via

pip install flask-statsdclient[Datadog]

## Usage

Import it and wrap app

from flask import Flask from flask_statsdclient import StatsDClient

app = Flask(__name__) statsd = StatsDClient(app)

You may modify the host, port and prefix with STATSD_HOST, STATSD_PORT and STATSD_PREFIX options respectively in your Flask app config.

If you are using Datadog with a Unix socket, instead of specifying the host & port in config, add DD_SOCKET which is a fully qualified Unix path to the socket.

## Development

On a mac you can use the following commands to get up and running. ` bash brew install python3 ` otherwise run ` bash brew upgrade python3 ` to make sure you have an up to date version.

This project uses [pip-tools]( for dependency management. Install pip-tools

` bash pip3 install pip-tools `

setup the project env ` base python -m venv venv pip install -r requirements.txt -r requirements-dev.txt `

Make sure the following environment variables are set ` bash export PYTHONPATH=`pwd` `

Then load your virtualenv `bash source venv/bin/activate `

### Running tests

` bash ./ && coverage run --source=flask_statsdclient/ test `

### Before committing any code

We have a pre-commit hook each dev needs to setup. You can symlink it to run before each commit by changing directory to the repo and running

` bash cd .git/hooks ln -s ../../pre-commit pre-commit `

Project details

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