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Fluent testing for Python

Project description

Readable hybrid testing


This is an attempt to make Python testing more readable while maintaining a Pythonic look and feel. As powerful and useful as the unittest module is, I’ve always disliked the Java-esque naming convention amongst other things.

While truly awesome, attempts to bring BDD to Python never feel Pythonic. Most of the frameworks that I have seen rely on duplicated information between the specification and the test cases. My belief is that we need something closer to what RSpec offers but one that feels like Python.



Fluent-test uses Vincent Driessen’s excellent gitflow extenion to manage work flow through github. Contributions are welcome as long as they follow a few basic rules:

  1. They start out life by forking the central repo and creating a new feature branch named feature/my-feature from the develop branch.

  2. All tests pass and coverage is at 100% - make test

  3. All quality checks pass - make lint

  4. Issue a pull-request through github.

Development Environment

Like many other projects, the development environment is contained in a virtual environment and controlled by a Makefile. The inclusion of make is less than perfect, but it is the easiest way to bootstrap a project on just about any platform. Start out by cloning the repository with git and building a virtual environment to work with:

$ git clone
$ cd fluent-test
$ make environment

This will create a Python 3 environment in the env directory using mkvenv and install the various prerequisites such as pip and nose. You can activate the environment source source env/bin/activate, launch a Python interpreter with env/bin/python, and run the test suite with env/bin/nosetests.

The Makefile exports a few other useful targets:

  • make test: run the tests

  • make lint: run various static analysis tools

  • make clean: remove cache files

  • make mostly-clean: remove built and cached eggs

  • make dist-clean: remove generated distributions

  • make maintainer-clean: remove virtual environment

  • make sdist: create a distribution tarball

  • make docs: build the HTML documentation

Project details

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Fluent-Test-2.0.0.tar.gz (13.3 kB view hashes)

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