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Simpler geological and property models

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A hierarchical stochastic geological modeling tool in Python


ArchPy can be installed with pip :

pip install geoarchpy


ArchPy can be installed with

pip install .

when in the main directory.

Alternatively, it is possible to add ArchPy path directly in the python script with sys :

sys.path.append("path where ArchPy is") 

and then import ArchPy.

:warning: Issues with widgets: For some reasons, widgets does not work properly with recent version of jupyter-server due to recent versions of tornardo. Ensure to have tornado==6.1 if you plan to use widgets and interactive functions with the matplotlib notebook backend.


Works and tested with 3.8 <= python <= 3.11

The following python packages are absolutely necessary:

  • Geone
  • matplotlib
  • numpy (tested with 1.23.5)
  • SciPy
  • sklearn
  • pandas
  • shapely < 2.0 (will be adapted to shapely 2.0 soon)
  • scikit-learn

These are not required but highly recommanded.

  • PyVista
  • pyyaml (for export uses)
  • Rasterio (to use rasters)
  • Geopandas (to use shapefile)
  • ipywidgets


There is some example notebooks :

  • 01_basic : a folder where simple and basics ArchPy functionnalities are described
  • 02_3D_ArchPy : a complete 3D ArchPy model example
  • 03_Article_example : a synthetical example shown in ArchPy article
  • 04_hierarchies : an exemple with many hierarchical units to test ArchPy capabilities
  • 05_mps_surfaces : an example how to use MPS to simulate the units surfaces
  • 06_cross_validation : a notebook that present how to perform a cross-validation directly with ArchPy
  • 07_geological_map : this notebook presents how to integrate and use a geological in an ArchPy model
  • 08_inference : little guide how to use archpy inference tools to estimate surface parameters (no facies parameters for now) --> Note that for now, the interface is not working due to unkown issues with ipywidgets.
  • 09_interface : little exemple of an interface to call an preexisting archpy model.


A paper was published on the ArchPy concept and its different capabilities. The paper was written with the version 0.1 of ArchPy. It is available with the following link.


For any questions regarding ArchPy, please contact me at

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