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The Real-Time Engine for the GoldSaxEngine-AustralianMarkets or any other engine. This can be used by any Trader, Market Maker, a Retail Investor, Instituitional Investor, Hedge Fund Managers, and Asset Managers.

Project description

To install the package, you should be using Python 3.3 and above.(It also works with 2.7).

should have pip installed.


you can git clone from

by git clone

This is the Real_Time Engine Module to be used with GoldSaxEngine-AustralianMarkets.

for dependent packages do a pip istall or a easy_install of all these..

pip install –upgrade urllib3 pip install –upgrade sqlite3 pip install –upgrade goldsaxgfinancequote pip install –upgrade datetime pip install –upgrade time pip install –upgrade goldsaxgethighlow pip install –upgrade goldsaxyfinancequote pip install –upgrade goldsaxpersist pip install –upgrade goldsaxlivequotemachine pip install –upgrade goldsaxcreatetablesgfinance pip install –upgrade goldsaxcreatetablesyfinance pip install –upgrade goldsaxengineinitialize pip install –upgrade goldsaxengineaustralianmarkets pip install –upgrade goldsaxmarketanalytics pip install –upgrade goldsaxweeklytradeanalytics pip install –upgrade goldsaxinvestmentanalytics pip install –upgrade goldsaxdaytradeanalytics pip install –upgrade goldsaxfortnightlytradeanalytics pip install –upgrade goldsaxexpirytradeanalytics pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticstradingpairs pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticstradingalpha pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticstradingbeta pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticsstatisticalarbitrage pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticsriskarbitrage pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticsriskmetrics pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticsalgorithmictrading pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticsalgorithmictrademonitoring pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticseventdiscount pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticsfundamentals pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticseconomics pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticstradingstrategy pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticsinvestingradio pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticstradingradio pip install –upgrade goldsaxanalyticsnewsanalysisradio pip install –upgrade goldsaxenginedsl

Open an Python3.3 IDLE and typr in..

from GoldSaxEngineAustralianMarkets import goldsaxengineaustralianmarkets

you would get

Market starts….

then type in,


It will ask for some Information, after which the market starts. you can see the database getting inserted.

An Analytics and a DSL is on development phase….Kindly donate.

My suggestions is that you do the following…TO AUTOMATE ALL INSTALL PROCESS WITH CONFIG & DEPENDANCIES, goto and DOWNLOAD run it, THIS WILL AUTOMATE ALL PIP & CONF. This will auto update daily releases and will keep you upto date.

For historical data, customization for your specific needs and so, plz write to,

The Main package applicable for you is listed in sourceforge at



Pick the one from your country. It is a full package installer which auto installs all dependancies and starts for you.

Modelled, Architected and designed by Vance King Saxbe. A. with the geeks from GoldSax Consulting and GoldSax Technologies email, Development teams from Power Dominion Enterprise, Precieux Consulting. Project sponsored by GoldSax Foundation, GoldSax Group and executed by GoldSax Manager.

For live visual quotes, analytics, and dashboard, dont fail to register when the auto builder starts. As you register, it creates a domain for you to view the live quotes at{YOURNAME}

We are in theprocess of developing a Domain Specific Language for you to write, queries, alerts and strategies. Donations are welcome from donors. sent your donations to

To customize this for your specific needs, plz contact

Copyright (c) <2014> Author Vance King Saxbe. A, and contributors Power Dominion Enterprise, Precieux Consulting and other contributors.

Please refer to documentation for further use of this package.

For further support email Vance King Saxbe. A to,

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