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Basic SQL migration tool favoring configuration over convention.

Project description


Goose is a tool for managing and applying SQL Database Migrations.

Because our geese use SQLAlchemy to manage their migration tables you can connect to and migrate any database supported by SQLAlchemy.

Migrations are just plain SQL files and the order migrations are applied is specified through configuration in a YAML file.


First initialize your database by installing the migration_info table:

goose -d sqlite:///my.db -m migrations/ init

Now go ahead and migrate:

goose -d sqlite:///my.db -m migrations/ migrate

To find out what migrations have been applied you can do:

goose -d sqlite:///my.db -m migrations/ list


pip install pyyaml pip install sqlalchemy

And install whichever DB API driver you need for your specific DB:

pip install psycopg2

Project Layout

Assuming you have a project you want to add migrations to in a directory like this:

`-- package

You could add migrations like this:

|-- package/
|   |--
|   `--
`-- migrations/
    |-- create_user_tables.sql
    |-- db_skeleton.sql
    |-- index.yaml
    `-- update_users.sql

The contents of index.yaml would look like:

  - db_skeleton.sql
  - create_user_tables.sql
  - update_users.sql

Project details

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