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Hierarchical Yaml Python Config

Project description

HiYaPyCo - A Hierarchical Yaml Python Config


A simple python lib allowing hierarchical overlay of config files in YAML syntax, offering different merge methods and variable interpolation based on jinja2.

The goal was to have something similar to puppets hiera deeper merge_behavior for python.

Key Features

  • hierarchical overlay of multiple YAML files

  • multiple merge methods for hierarchical YAML files

  • variable interpolation using jinja2


  • PyYAML aka. python-yaml

  • Jinja2 aka. python-jinja2

  • ordereddict for python2.6 (if you like to use the Ordered Dict Yaml Loader / Dumper aka. ODYLDo)

Python Version

HiYaPyCo was designed to run on both current major python versions without changes. Tested versions:

  • 2.6

  • 2.7

  • 3.2

  • 3.4


A simple example:

import hiyapyco
conf = hiyapyco.load('yamlfile1' [,'yamlfile2' [,'yamlfile3' [...]]] [,kwargs])

real life example:


first: first element
second: xxx
        - 1
        - 2


second: again {{ first }}
        - 4
        - 6
        - 3
        - 6

load …

>>> import pprint
>>> import hiyapyco
>>> conf = hiyapyco.load('yaml1.yaml', 'yaml2.yaml', method=hiyapyco.METHOD_MERGE, interpolate=True, failonmissingfiles=True)
>>> pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=4).pprint(conf)
{   'deep': {   'k1': [1, 2, 4, 6], 'k2': [3, 6]},
    'first': u'first element',
    'ma': {   'ones': u'12', 'sum': u'22'},
    'second': u'again first element'}

real life example using yaml documents as strings

>>> import hiyapyco
>>> y1="""
... yaml: 1
... y:
...   y1: abc
...   y2: xyz
... """
>>> y2="""
... yaml: 2
... y:
...   y2: def
...   y3: XYZ
... """
>>> conf = hiyapyco.load([y1, y2], method=hiyapyco.METHOD_MERGE)
>>> print (conf)
OrderedDict([('yaml', 2), ('y', OrderedDict([('y1', 'abc'), ('y2', 'def'), ('y3', 'XYZ')]))])
>>> hiyapyco.dump(conf, default_flow_style=True)
'{yaml: 2, y: {y1: abc, y2: def, y3: XYZ}}\n'


All args are handled as file names or yaml documents. They may be strings or list of strings.


  • method: bit (one of the listed below):

    • hiyapyco.METHOD_SIMPLE: replace values (except for lists a simple merge is performed) (default method)

    • hiyapyco.METHOD_MERGE: perform a deep merge

  • interpolate: boolean : perform interpolation after the merge (default: False)

  • castinterpolated: boolean : try to perform a best possible match cast for interpolated strings

  • usedefaultyamlloader: boolean : force the usage of the default PyYAML loader/dumper instead of HiYaPyCos implementation of a OrderedDict loader/dumper (see: Ordered Dict Yaml Loader / Dumper aka. ODYLDo) (default: False)

  • failonmissingfiles: boolean : fail if a supplied YAML file can not be found (default: True)

  • loglevel: int : loglevel for the hiyapyco logger; should be one of the valid levels from logging: ‘WARN’, ‘ERROR’, ‘DEBUG’, ‘I NFO’, ‘WARNING’, ‘CRITICAL’, ‘NOTSET’ (default: default of logging)

  • loglevelmissingfiles: int : one of the valid levels from logging: ‘WARN’, ‘ERROR’, ‘DEBUG’, ‘INFO’, ‘WARNING’, ‘CRITICAL’, ‘NOTSET’ (default: logging.ERROR if failonmissingfiles = True, else logging.WARN)


For using interpolation, I strongly recomend not to use the default PyYAML loader, as it sorts the dict entrys alphabetically, a fact that may break interpolation in some cases (see test/odict.yaml and test/ for an example). See Ordered Dict Yaml Loader / Dumper aka. ODYLDo


The default jinja2.Environment for the interpolation is

hiyapyco.jinja2env = Environment(undefined=Undefined)

This means that undefined vars will be ignored and replaced with a empty string.

change the jinja2 Environment

If you like to change the jinja2 Environment used for the interpolation, set hiyapyco.jinja2env before calling hiyapyco.load!

use jinja2 DebugUndefined

If you like to keep the undefined var as string but raise no error, use

from jinja2 import Environment, Undefined, DebugUndefined, StrictUndefined
hiyapyco.jinja2env = Environment(undefined=DebugUndefined)

use jinja2 StrictUndefined

If you like to raise a error on undefined vars, use

from jinja2 import Environment, Undefined, DebugUndefined, StrictUndefined
hiyapyco.jinja2env = Environment(undefined=StrictUndefined)

This will raise a hiyapyco.HiYaPyCoImplementationException wrapped arround the jinja2.UndefinedError pointing at the string causing the error.

more informations

See: jinja2.Environment

cast interpolated strings

As you must use interpolation as strings (PyYAML will weep if you try to start a value with {{), you can set castinterpolated to True in order to try to get a best match cast for the interpolated values. The ``best match`` cast is currently only a q&d implementation and may not give you the expected results!

Ordered Dict Yaml Loader / Dumper aka. ODYLDo

This is a simple implementation of a PyYAML loader / dumper using OrderedDict from collections. Because chaos is fun but order matters on loading dicts from a yaml file. In order to use this on python 2.6, please install ordereddict:

sudo pip-2.6 install ordereddict


From Source


git clone
cd hiyapyco
sudo python install


Download the latest or desired version of the source package from Unpack the archive and install by executing:

sudo python install


Install the latest wheel package using:

pip install HiYaPyCo

debian packages

echo "deb ./" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hiyapyco.list
gpg --keyserver --recv-key ED7D414C
# or use:
wget -O - | gpg --import -
gpg --armor --export ED7D414C | apt-key add -
apt-get update
apt-get install python3-hiyapyco python-hiyapyco

rpm packages

use as URL for the yum repo and as the URL for the key.


  1. 2014 - 2016 Klaus Zerwes

This package is free software. This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3 or later, as published by the Free Software Foundation. See



MERGED: fixes from mmariani


FIXED: issues #9 and #11


deb packages: * removed support for python 2.6 * include examples as doc


FIXED: issue #6 import of hiyapyco **version* in causes pip install failures*


Changed: moved to GPL

Improvements: missing files handling, doc


Implemented: castinterpolated


Implemented: loading yaml docs from string


Improved tests and bool args checks

0.3.0 / 0.3.1

Implemented a Ordered Dict Yaml Loader


Fixed unicode handling

0.1.0 / 0.1.1

Initial release

Project details

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HiYaPyCo-0.4.6.tar.gz (30.5 kB view hashes)

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