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Parser String to JSON for ISO8583 Package

Project description

ISO8583 Dlib Parser

Parser String to JSON for ISO8583 Package

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This package has been developed with a cookiecutter made for me in:


Full docs ISO:

About ISO Links:

Resume Docs and Parser Example

How to Install

With pip

pip install ISO8583-Dlib

Basic Usage

The entry is a message

from iso8583_dlib.parser import Parser

if __name__ == "__main__":
    message = "ISO0260000700200B23E842128A1801A00000000100000BC0010000000000070020707203500000013153459070724050707070705161199999999999274231453201761925=2405226096000000000619P0891218        INBURSA CASHBACK      CD MEXICO    001MX0277126834            00010101484016B036PRO1+0000000019B359    00000000000370& 0000700370! C000026              113000       ! C400012 000000021082! Q200002 03! B200158 7FF900008000800080008251FFC4F2FDE21D0000000070020000000000003C00002A48448420070700BE967302000706010A03A4B80200000"
    data = Parser(message)
    # Set true to generate a data.json file with parser message

The output is a json

    "literal": "ISO",
    "header": {
        "Complete_header": "026000070",
        "Product_indicator": {
            "value": "02",
            "description": "POS"
        "Release_number": {
            "value": "60",
            "description": "DEFAULT"
        "Status": {
            "value": "000",
            "description": "Undetermined"
        "Originator_code": {
            "value": "7",
            "description": "Interchange"
        "Responder_code": {
            "value": "0",
            "description": "Undetermined"
    "mti": {
        "value": "0200",
        "description": "Financial transaction request"
    "primary_bitmap": "B23E842128A1801A",
    "...": "..."

Full output message:

Test this project

pip install pytest

Think use

Easy library for use, create an specific API with your favorite framework and integrate with other systems

To Do

  • Validate in real use
  • Valid output
  • Complement json rules to process all Data Elements
  • Add logic for variable Data Elements
  • Add other output formats
  • Add other input formats
  • Make validations with a library as or a simple implementation

How to contribute

Read file and make an issue and send a PR to improve

Other implementations

Changelog of ISO8583 Dlib

0.1.0 (2020-09-25)

  • First version of ISO8583 Parser

First release of ISO8583 Dlib.

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