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OpenID Client for applications using IX Profile servers

Project description


Library package for Django applications using the IX Profiles OpenID server
for authentication.

This package extends and requires django-openid-auth library.


This library supports all settings available in the django-openid-auth
library but introduces a new one that must be set to activate this library:


In addition, the following settings should be used:


These settings will in order:
* Prevent users of one ix openid based application from getting automatic
to your application
* Allow the OpenID server to update user profile information
* Require OpenID login for the django admin area, providing consistent access

You will also need to set the following to the correct urls for the
particular iX profiles server instance your application will be using:

* OPENID_SSO_SERVER_URL = '<url for server xrds>'
* OPENID_SSO_SERVER_PROFILE_ROOT = '<root url for user profiles'>

Functionality Provided

User Management

Simplifies user management by hooking into django user admin:
* Removes the password field. All passwords are set to unusable
* Automatically generates UserOpenId object for the user based on


* Django: Might work on older versions but was developed for 1.3.0.
* django-openid-auth which supplies the real functionality. This one
has to be => 0.4 as some of the settings used are not available before
that version.
* pep8 and pylint: Not required for functionality but we like QC before
committing any code changes so these tools need to be available. Note that
if you'd like to contribute, any code you write must give a clean output with
pep8 and score 10/10 with pylint using the configuration file
conf/pylint.conf in the package

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IXOpenIDClient-0.1.0.tar.gz (4.2 kB view hashes)

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