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simple standalone WSGI server with code reloading

Project description

James WSGI Server

[James][1] provides a very simple multi-threaded [WSGI][2] server
implementation based on the HTTPServer from Python's standard library.

You can host multiple applications on one host as well as static files.

**Important** - James is is a simple server for use in testing or
debugging WSGI applications. It hasn't been reviewed for security
issues. Don't use it for production use.

Use it for demo and debugging purposes.

Basic Example
You can add a James call using the `__name__` hook on the bottom of
your application file:

if __name__ == '__main__':
from james import WSGIServer
WSGIServer(applications={'/': my_application}).run()

This example assumes that your application is named `my_application`.
Your application will be mounted on `/`. Using the `applications`
parameter you can install more than one application on the same james

Serving Static Files
James can also handle static files. For this purpose it takes a
parameter `files`:

if __name__ == '__main__':
from os import path
from james import WSGIServer
base = path.dirname(__file__) + '/static'

'/': my_application
'/favicon.ico': base + '/favicon.ico',
'/css': base + '/css',
'/img': base + '/img'

Defining Hostname and Port
Per default James listens on [localhost][3] Port 8080.

To change this behavior you can use the parameters `hostname` and

if __name__ == '__main__':
from james import WSGIServer
WSGIServer(hostname='mycomputername', port=80,
applications={'/': myapplication}).run()

Autoreloading Code
Per default James is persistent which means imported module get only
reloaded when you restart the server. Because James is meant as an
developement server you can enable automatically code reloading with
the `autoreload` parameter:

if __name__ == '__main__':
from james import WSGIServer
WSGIServer(applications={'/': myapplication},

Testing James
You can get this page if you call `james.test()`.

[3]: http://localhost:8080/

Project details

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