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Plugins to Kate editor to develop faster python projects, django projects and something of javascript

Project description

Kate Plugins


These are plugins to Kate editor. Plugins to make coding easier in Python, Django and JavaScript


easy_install pysmell==0.7.3
easy_install pep8==0.6.1
easy_install pyflakes==0.5.0
easy_install pyjslint==0.3.3
  • Install the plugins:
easy_install Kate-plugins
cd ~/.kde/share/apps/kate/pate/
ln -s /PATH/OF/THE/EGG/kate_plugins/ .


cd ~/
git clone git://
cd ~/.kde/share/apps/kate/pate/
ln -s ~/Kate-plugins/kate_plugins/ .


Autocomplete (python)

  • Shortcut: It is automatical
  • from and import instruction
  • autocomplete into the code (beta) with pysmell
  • There was a hook if you want to add your own packages python in the autocomplete structure. You should be create a file called “” next to the “” with a function “def path(session, doc, view)”, like this:
def path(session, doc, view):
    if session == 'session1'
       return ['/PATH/OF/THE/EGG1/name1.egg',
    elif session == 'session2':
       return ['/PATH/OF/THE/EGG2/name2.egg',
       return ['/PATH/OF/THE/EGG2/name3.egg',

insert IPDB (python)

  • Shortcut: Ctrl+I
  • Insert the text “import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()”

insert __init__ (python)

  • Shortcut: Ctrl+-
  • Smart insert a function __init__

insert super (python)

  • Shortcut: Alt+-
  • Smart insert a call to super of the function

insert call recursive (python)

  • Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+-
  • Smart insert a call to the current function recursively

PEP8 (python)

  • Shortcut: Alt+8
  • Use PEP8 to look for ugly code, highlights lines with problems
  • It uses pep8 so it must be present in the system

PyFlakes (python)

  • Shortcut: Alt+7
  • Use PyFlakes to look for bad code, highlights lines with problems
  • It uses pyflakes so it must be present in the system

Parse syntax (python)

  • Shortcut: Alt+6 or when you save the file
  • Parse syntax this file and show a error list, or a dialog say “OK”

Check All (python/javascript)

  • Shortcut: Alt+5
  • Check pep8, pyflakes, parse syntax and jslint

Template Django urls (django)

  • Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+7
  • Smart template of the file

Template import views (django)

  • Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+V
  • Insert the tipical imports in a view

Create Django form (django)

  • Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+F
  • Template to form class

Create Django model (django)

  • Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+M
  • Template to model class

Close Template tag (django)

  • Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+C
  • Close the last open templatetag (block, if, for, etc)

Template block (django)

  • Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+B
  • Insert a struncture like this: {% block content %}XXX{% endblock %} or {% if x > 3 %} {% endif %}

Autocomplete static to jQuery (javascript)

  • Shortcut: It is automatical

jQuery ready (javascript)

  • Shortcut: Ctrl+J
  • Template jQuery ready

Pretty JSON (javascript)

  • Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+J
  • Convert a horrible json in a pretty JSON :-)

JSLint (javascript)

  • Shortcut: Alt+J
  • Use JSLint to look for errors and bad code, highlights lines with problems
  • It uses pyjslint so it must be present in the system (and working!)

Pretty XML (xhtml)

  • Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+X
  • Convert a horrible xml in a pretty XML :-)

Future Plugins

  • Clean code (core)
  • Improve autocompletes plugins (core)
  • Template tags autocomplete (django)
  • Integration with rope (python)


0.1.5 (2012-07-09)

  • Liberate PyPlete (You need install this egg if you want python autocomplete)
  • Add Copyright

0.1.4 (2012-06-15)

  • Detail to jQuery autocomplete. This did not accept something like this: jQuery(“a.class-with-dash”)

0.1.3 (2012-04-24)

  • I forgot the block_plugins file…. o_O

0.1.2 (2012-04-22)

  • Insert separators in the menu, before and after, of the plugins
  • Add Close Template tag plugin
  • Add Template block plugin

0.1.1 (2012-03-17)

  • Created a menu structure to the plugins, before they were all in edit menu
  • Refactor an clean the code, if you insert a text with XXX, the cursor move here
  • Fix a little error in the jQuery plugin regex
  • Fix a little error in the python plugin, when the lines contains “;”

0.1.0 (2012-03-15)

  • A new settings to ignore pep8 errors
  • Now is possible move between various errors in the same line
  • Fix jslint errors line number
  • Fix callRecursive error, when to call the plugin with text in this line
  • Fix a little error in autocomplete

0.0.9 (2012-03-12)

  • Add jQuery autocomplete plugin
  • Add XML pretty plugin
  • Add call recursive plugin
  • Title in the autocompletes
  • Fix some error in js autocomplete
  • Now the python autocomplete can depend of the session
  • The checker plugins move to the first error, from position, when they are invoked
  • Remove old popups in check plugins
  • Improvement in the usability of the template Django urls plugin and jQuery ready plugin
  • Refactor: Rename the utils file to kate_core_plugins, removing unnecessary code

0.0.8 (2012-03-03)

  • Usability improvements in check plugins

0.0.7 (2012-03-02)

  • Fix some errors of the 0.0.6 version (checker plugins)
  • Fix a error of JSON autocompletion
  • Update the readme

0.0.6 (2012-03-02)

  • Python parse syntax plugin
  • PEP8 checker plugin
  • PyFlakes checker plugin
  • JSLint checker plugin
  • Settings to the kate actions: texts, short cuts, menus and icons

0.0.5 (2012-02-28)

  • Cleaning code
  • Fix little error in preatty JSON. The quotes should be ” instead of ‘
  • Fix some other error
  • Refactored autocomplete plugin to python
  • Created a pyplete, a generic module to autocompletion in python
  • Fix a in the code to detect the class has a error (insert init plugin, insert super plugin)

0.0.4 (2012-02-20)

  • Fix a error in autocomplete, if the line contains “and” or “or”
  • Improvement in the performance in the python autocompletation
  • Abstraction of Autocomplete. Create a Abstract class
  • Create a AbstractJSONFileCodeCompletionModel. Only autocompletion creating a json file
  • Create a static autocompletation to javascript

0.0.3 (2012-02-02)

  • Fix some errors to autocomplete
  • Icons different to packages and modules
  • Usability in the autocomplete:
  • The popup that say “Syntax error” only show if the autocomplete is not manual
  • The python autocomplete, only works if the file ends with “.py”, “.pyc” or it is not saved

0.0.2 (2012-02-01)

  • Autocomplete to python (second version)

0.0.1 (2012-01-29)

  • Autocomplete to python (first version)
  • ipdb, init, super, urls, form, model, ready, json plugin

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