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L(ight) CONF(iguration): A simple human-readable data serialization format for dynamic configuration.

Project description


LCONF stands for L(ight) CONF(iguration) a light - human-friendly, simple readable data serialization format for dynamic configuration.

The latest documentation can be found online at

___SECTION :: A short example with a number of features

# Comment-Line: `List-Of-Tuples`
- people_list |name|height_cm|weight_kg|
   Tim,  178,  86
   John, 166,  67

# Comment-Line: `Repeated-Block-Identifier`
* Persons_BLK
      first :: Tim
      last :: Doe
      age :: 39
      registered :: true
      salary :: 70000
      sex :: M
      # Comment-Line: `Key :: Value-List`
      - interests :: Reading,Mountain Biking,Hacking
      # Comment-Line: `Key-Value-List`
      - sports
      # Comment-Line: `Key-Value-Mapping`
      . favorites
         food :: Spaghetti
         sport :: Soccer
         color :: Blue
      first :: John
      last :: Doe
      age :: 29
      registered :: true
      salary :: 45000
      sex :: M
      # Comment-Line: empty `Key :: Value-List`
      - interests ::
      # Comment-Line: empty `Key-Value-List`
      - sports
      # Comment-Line: `Key-Value-Mapping`
      . favorites
         food :: Pizza
         sport :: None
         color :: Orange


See: RequiredSoftware in documentation or:



  1. To install from pypi using pip/pip3:

    $ pip3 install LCONF
  2. To install from the source:

    $ python3 install

Building the Documentation

If you wish to generate your own copy of the documentation, you will need to:

  1. Get the LCONF source.

  2. If not already installed - install PSphinxTheme

    $ pip3 install PSphinxTheme
  3. If not already installed - install LconfPygmentsLexer

    $ pip3 install LconfPygmentsLexer
  4. From the LCONF source directory, run python3 build_sphinx -E.

  5. Once Sphinx is finished, point a web browser to the file:


Online Resources

Projects using LCONF

projects which make use of: LCONF

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    PyNHEP: The N(utrition) and H(ealthy) E(ating) P(lanner).

LCONF is distributed under the terms of the BSD 3-clause license. Consult LICENSE or BSD-3-Clause.

(c) 2014, peter1000 All rights reserved.

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