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A plugin for Launchy to put Tomboy note titles in the catalog

Project description


Launchy Tomboy Plugin


I have tested this setup with:


  • Make sure the above requirements are met

  • install this package using pip, easy_install, or the .exe installer

  • create a file like the one below:

    # this file should reside at
    # <Launchy program dir>\plugins\python\
    from os import environ as ose
    import launchy
    # uncomment this line if you want debug messages from LaunchyTomboyPlugin
    # to go to <Launch program dir>\plugins\python\stdout.txt
    #ose['LAUNCHY_TOMBOY_DEBUG'] = '1'
    from launchytomboyplugin import Tomboy
    print 'Tomboy plugin registered'
  • start or restart Launchy

Environment Variables

  • LAUNCHY_TOMBOY_DEBUG: set to enable debug info in the stdout.txt (see below)

  • TOMBOY_PROGRAM_PATH: set to the full path to Tomboy.exe if your Tomboy install is in a non-standard location.

Log Files

Keep theses files in mind when trying to troubleshoot problems:

  • <Launchy program dir>\plugins\python\stdout.txt

  • <Launchy program dir>\plugins\python\stderr.txt

Using the Plugin

This plugin inserts two static items into the Launchy catalog:

  • Tomboy New Note

  • Tomboy Search Notes

It will also index the title of every Tomboy note and make it available as an item in the Launchy catalog. So if you have a note with a title of “ToDo List” typing “ToDo List” in Launchy should bring up that item. Hitting enter will open the corresponding Tomboy note.

Note: the plugin rebuilds the list of note titles whenever Launchy rebuilds its catalog. The auto-refresh time period can be set in Launchy options. A manual refresh of the catalog can also be triggered, see Launchy docs for more info.

Known Issues

If Tomboy is not running and two Tomboy related commands are issued quickly in succession, its possible the second Tomboy instance will crash. Once Tomboy is up and running, this is no longer an issue.

Workaround: be patient the first time you use a Tomboy related item with Launchy to give the Tomboy process that is started time to fully initialize.

Questions & Comments

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Source Code

The Launch Tomboy Plugin HG tip is installable via easy_install with easy_install LaunchyTomboyPlugin==dev or pip with pip install LaunchyTomboyPlugin==dev.


0.1.2 released 2012-12-16

  • fix launching of Tomboy subprocess so Launchy returns immediately

  • don’t put system:template notes in catalog

0.1.1 released 2012-12-15

  • fix settings to include icons

0.1.0 released 2012-12-15

  • initial release

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