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Content actions and support for LinguaPlone.

Project description

LinguaPlus provides several amenities designed to improve the LinguaPlone workflow. By automatically applying ‘mark outdated’ (from slc.outdated) to translations when the canonical version is changed, translators can keep track of which translated items need to be updated. Side-by-side editing for working copies allows the translator to reference the canonical version while making changes in a working copy. When the content has been updated an administrator can check it back in and remove the outdated flag.

Provide content rule triggers for

This package allows you to trigger content rules based on’s four events: “An object will been checked out” (IBeforeCheckoutEvent), “An object has been checked out” (ICheckoutEvent), “A working copy will be checked in” (ICheckinEvent), “A working copy has been checked in” (IAfterCheckinEvent).

Mark translations as outdated when the canonical version is changed.

This package provides a content action that can be used to mark all translations as outdated when the canonical version is edited, using slc.outdated to provide the underlying ‘mark as outdated’ feature.

Most sites are probably edited both directly and by checkout/checkin depending on the privileges of the author. To detect both kinds of edits, you will need two content rules. One for ‘A working copy has been checked in’ and another for ‘Object Modified (but only if the object is not a folder)’.

Once these rules are set up, per-language collections of outdated content can serve as a to-do list for translators. Once the content has been updated, manually ‘toggle outdated’ on the newly retranslated content.

Edit working copies side-by-side with the canonical version.

This package provides a ‘side-by-side’ view to edit working copies alongside the baseline’s canonical revision, just like LinguaPlone’s edit view but for working copies. In a working copy, just use the ‘side by side’ tab instead of the ‘edit’ tab to reference the canonical version.

Changelog for LinguaPlus

  • 0.3
    • First public version

  • 0.2
    • First usable version

  • 0.1 Unreleased

    • Initial package structure. [zopeskel]

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