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Python Logger plugin to send logs to Logentries

Project description

This is a plugin library to enable logging to Logentries from the Python Logger. Additionally this plugin allows the user to get an overview of methods being executed, their execution time, as well as CPU and Memory statistics. Logentries is a real-time log management service on the cloud. More info at Note that this plugin is asynchronous.


To use this library, you must first create an account on Logentries. This will only take a few moments.


To install this library, use the following command:

pip install logentries


#!/usr/bin/env python

import logging
from logentries import LogentriesHandler

log = logging.getLogger('logentries')
test = LogentriesHandler(LOGENTRIES_TOKEN)


log.warn("Warning message")"Info message")


Usage with metric functionality

import time
import logging
from logentries import LogentriesHandler, metrics


def function_one(t):
    """A dummy function that takes some time."""

if __name__ == '__main__':


This decorator function is used to log the execution time of given function. In the above example @TEST.time() will wrap function_one and send log message containing the name and execution time of this function.


The parameter LOGENTRIES_TOKEN needs to be filled in to point to a file in your Logentries account.

The parameter LOGENTRIES_METRIC_TOKEN needs to be filled in to point to a metric collection file in your Logentries account. However, please note that metric data can be send to LOGENTRIES_TOKEN and merged with other standard logs.

In your Logentries account, create a logfile, selecting Token TCP as the source_type. This will print a Token UUID. This is the value to use for LOGENTRIES_TOKEN or LOGENTRIES_METRIC_TOKEN.

The appender will attempt to send your log data over TLS over port 443, otherwise it will send over port 80.

You are now ready to start logging

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