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An accelerating proxy for web map services

Project description

MapProxy is an open source proxy for geospatial data. It caches, accelerates and transforms data from existing map services and serves any desktop or web GIS client.

MapProxy is a tile cache, but also offers many new and innovative features like full support for WMS clients.

MapProxy is actively developed and supported by Omniscale, it is released under the Apache Software License 2.0, runs on Unix/Linux and Windows and is easy to install and to configure.

Go to for more information.

The documentation is available at:


1.10.0 2017-05-18


  • Support for S3 cache.
  • Support for the ArcGIS Compact Cache format version 1.
  • Support for GeoPackage files.
  • Support for Redis cache.
  • Support meta_tiles for tiles sources with bulk_meta_tiles option.
  • mbtiles/sqlite cache: Store multiple tiles in one transaction.
  • mbtiles/sqlite cache: Make timeout and WAL configurable.
  • ArcGIS REST source: Improve handling for ImageServer endpoints.
  • ArcGIS REST source: Support FeatureInfo requests.
  • ArcGIS REST source: Support min_res and max_res.
  • Support merging of RGB images with fixed transparency.
  • Coverages: Clip source requests at coverage boundaries.
  • Coverages: Build the difference, union or intersection of multiple coverages.
  • Coverages: Create coverages from webmercator tile coordinates like 05/182/123 with expire tiles files.
  • Coverages: Add native support for GeoJSON (no OGR/GDAL required).
  • mapproxy-seed: Add –duration, -reseed-file and -reseed-interval options.


  • Fix level selection for grids with small res_factor.
  • mapproxy-util scales: Fix for Python 3.
  • WMS: Fix FeatureInfo precision for transformed requests.
  • Auth-API: Fix FeatureInfo for layers with limitto.
  • Fixes subpixel transformation deviations with Pillow 3.4 or higher.
  • mapproxy-seed: Reduce log output, especially in –quiet mode.
  • mapproxy-seed: Improve tile counter for tile grids with custom resolutions.
  • mapproxy-seed: Improve saving of the seed progress for –continue.
  • Fix band-merging when not all sources return an image.


  • Python 2.6 is no longer supported.

1.9.1 2017-01-18


  • serve-develop: fixed reloader for Windows installations made with recent pip version (#279)

1.9.0 2016-07-22


  • New band merge feature. Allows to create false-color or grayscale images on the fly.
  • Support for ArcGIS REST sources.
  • Support multiple tilesets for each WMTS layer with the new tile_sources option.
  • Allow to build WMS images from SQLite cache with more then 330 tiles.
  • New arcgis cache layout. Compatible to ArcGIS exploded caches.
  • New mp cache layout. Reduces number of nested directories.
  • Prevent unneeded quantizing/re-encoding of images.
  • Demo client: Support custom tile_size.


  • Fix quantization error for some image modes (e.g. grayscale image with transparency)
  • Support custom Proj4/EPSG files in mapproxy-util grid.
  • Convert paletted images to RGB(A) to avoid NEAREST resampling.
  • Fix quantizing with FASTOCTREE for paletted images with alpha channel.
  • Keep configured layer order in WMTS capabilities.
  • Fix coverage loading with Python 3.


  • Make the output of various utils more clear.
  • is no longer required, default to “MapProxy WMS”.

1.8.2 2016-01-22


  • serve-develop: fixed reloader for Windows installations made with recent pip version

1.8.1 2015-09-22


  • WMS 1.3.0: support for metadata required by INSPIRE View Services
  • WMS: OnlineResource defaults to service URL


  • mapproxy-seed: fix race-condition which prevented termination at the end of the seeding process
  • autoconfig: parse capabilities without ContactInformation
  • SQLite cache: close files after seeding
  • sqlite/mbtiles: fix tile lock location
  • WMS 1.0.0: fix image format for source requests
  • WMS: allow floats for X/Y in GetFeatureInfo requests
  • CouchDB: fix for Python 3


  • mapproxy-seed: seeding a cache with disable_storage: true returns an error
  • all changes are now tested against Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5

1.8.0 2015-05-18


  • Support for Python 3.3 or newer


  • WMS is now available at /service, /ows and /wms
  • WMTS KVP is now available at /service and /ows, RESTful service at /wmts
  • allow tiled access to layers with multiple map:false sources
  • add Access-control-allow-origin header to HTTP responses
  • list KVP and RESTful capabilities on demo page
  • disable verbose seed output if stdout is not a tty
  • add globals.cache.link_single_color_images option
  • support scale_factor for Mapnik sources


  • handle EPSG axis order in WMTS capabilities
  • pass through legends/featureinfo for recursive caches
  • accept PNG/JPEG style image_format for WMS 1.0.0
  • fix TMS capabilities in demo for TMS with use_grid_names
  • fix ctrl+c behaviour in mapproxy-seed
  • fix BBOX parsing in autoconf for WMS 1.3.0 services


  • 1.8.0 is expected to work with Python 2.6, but it is no longer officially supported
  • MapProxy will now issue warnings about configurations that will change with 2.0. doc/mapproxy_2.rst lists some of the planed incompatible changes

1.7.1 2014-07-08


  • fix startup of mapproxy-util when libgdal/geos is missing

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