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A beta version of a max-Heap that utilizes numpy memmaps so memory consumption can be reduced.

Project description

Max - Binary Heap Implementation - Beta Version (More Testing Coming)

PYPI module that provides Max, Binary Heap, functionality. This is the beta version, and thus requires a few more tests. This implementation utilizes the numpy.memmap so overall memory consumption can be greatly reduced.

#Overview Documentation for the Max - Binary Heap Implementation:

1. Core Functions:

How to use:
from MaxHeap import FUNCTION_NAME

def createBTO(filename)

  +Creates a memmap matrix and returns a list containing the following: [memmap list, # of Levels, Largest Index, Number of Nodes]
  	       +filename = String variable describing the file name of a numpy.memmap

def createBTT(filename, numElements)

  +Has the same functionality as createBTO, only it allows users to input how many elements he/she wants...

def BreadthFS(BT, value)

  +Takes the list of memmap references and searches for a particular value given by the user.
   The return values are three components: x, y, z that make up the index...
   	   +BT = memmap list
       	   +value = The value to search for...

def getHeightTwo(value, INDEX, LEVEL, BT)

  +Takes an index value provided by the user and returns the level of the tree that the index is on.
   If the provided index is not in the range 0 - INDEX, -1 will be returned...
   	  +value = The value to return the height of. (returns -1 if the value can't be found)
   	  +INDEX = The max index value of the binary heap that is occupied by a value...
  	  +LEVEL = The number of levels the binary heap has...
	  +BT = memmap list


  +Returns 1 if the binary heap is a full tree, or -1 if not...
        +NUMNODES = The number of occupied nodes in the binary heap...
       	+LEVEL = The highest level of the current binary heap...

def ExtractMax(BT, INDEX, LEVEL)

  +Returns the extracted max value, new max INDEX value, and LEVEL value respectively in that order.
  	      +INDEX = The max index value of the binary heap that is occupied by a value...
       	      +LEVEL = The number of levels the binary heap has...
	      +BT = memmap list


  +Adds a new given value to the binary heap and returns the new LEVEL, max INDEX value, and number of nodes in that order.
  	+BT = Memmap list
    	+LEVEL = The number of levels the binary heap has...
	+INDEX = The max INDEX value of the binary heap.
	+NUMNODES = The number of nodes currently occupied within the binary heap.
	+value = The value to add to the binary heap.

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