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A simple, command line, note taking utility.

Project description


Mimir is a simple, command line based note taking application. Designed with git syntax and usage in mind, its aim is to provide quick, concise notes, that can be easily included in the project/directory where they are created.

Code Example

Mimir can be initialized within any directory. Each mimir instance keep track of its own notes.

Initialize mimir within a directory:

mimir init

This will create a new directory, .mimir, and a config file, .mimir/.mimir-config

Delete mimir from a directory:

mimir delete

This deletes the mimir present in the working directory. It will also delete any config files and all notes.

To create a new note, simply:

mimir This is my brand new note!

Or, to add a new note with tags:

mimir This is a note with a @tag

The note will be added to .mimir/mimir_notes.txt

To show notes:

mimir -s 1
mimir -s 2

Will show the last one and two notes, respectively.

mimir @tag1
mimir @tag1 @tag2

If only tags are provided to mimir, it will assume you want to search by tags, rather than create a new note

Notes can also be searched via date fences:

mimir --since 2010 --until october
mimir --since june
mimir --until 2015

Date fences can be mixed with tags and the -s option for more fine grained searching.

To edit notes:

mimir edit

This will open the mimir notes file in your specified editor (this must be set in .mimir-config)

All notes in your Mimir notes file can be synced to an Evernote account. This requires an evernote account, as well as api keys. Instuctions to acquire these are provided in the app:

mimir sync -- syncs your notes file with the Evernote folder specified in your config file (MimirNotes by default)
mimir generate_evernote_token -- Walks you through creating an access token for syncing

Finally, you can also view the status of your mimir, view a count of all tags present, or delete it entirely:

mimir status
mimir tags
mimir delete

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