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Sopel Plugins for Miraheze Bots

Project description


MirahezeBots is an IRC bot mainly used by Miraheze (#miraheze on Libera.Chat).

It is simple and easy to customize. MirahezeBot uses Sopel.

To use this bot, simply type install 'MirahezeBot-Plugins' from PyPi and then run 'sopel configure --plugins'

To make use of the beta branch, clone the repo and check the 'dev' branch out and use pip's "install ." function to install it. You can then use 'sopel configure --plugins' as normal.

Please note that in line with our security policy, we can only support Sopel 7.1.2 - 8.0 installations running Python 3.7+.

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Please see below for changes to MirahezeBot-Plugins

Version 9.1.4

  • Remove Python 3.6 support, various CI changes, bug fixes and compatibility changes

Version 9.1.1

  • Fixed developer requirements blocking newer versions of channelmgnt.

Version 9.1.0

  • CI: Migrate to GitHub-Actions
  • CI: Support Python 3.9, Windows and MacOS
  • dbclean: style changes
  • example-db: rename
  • adminlist: split to own package
  • joinall: split to own package
  • phab: use new jsonparser
  • pingpong: split to own package
  • responses: style changes and switch to VERSION keyword
  • rss: style changes
  • status: style changes & new jsonparser
  • welcome: style changes and remove get_filename, replace with bot.known_users_filename
  • jsonparser: split to own package
  • version: introduce VERSION, VERSIONARRAY and SHORTVERSION keywords
  • Security: Drop support for Sopel 7.0.5 & 7.0.6
  • requirements: update some and slacken others
  • build: style changes

Version 9.0.3

  • Fixed an issue affecting new installs due to a transient dependancy

Version 9.0.2

Security fixes

Version 9.0.0


  • travis: changed test configuration
  • responses: corrections and style changes
  • rss: style improvements
  • test models: style tweaks
  • test general: up'd max line length
  • test rss: style changes & replaced http:// with https://


  • mwclient no longer required
  • Setuptools bumped from 49.5.0 to 49.6.0
  • flake8 is now required for developers
  • SQLAchemy is now at 1.3.19


  • all: removed future imports
  • channelmgnt: switched to caching the json config
  • channelmgnt: introduced a makemodechange system
  • channelmgnt: added support_channel config
  • status: replaced mwclient with a new util script, introduced cached json config, renamed other config
  • phab: Introduced channel specific configuration

Version 8.0.3


  • Changes to the gitignore file & manifest to ensure proper handling of downloads & uploads
  • Changes to build configuration to prevent wasted checks
  • Cleaner Changelog


  • Setuptools was bumped from 49.2.0 to 49.2.1 for developers


  • A bug was fixed with the task regex (T57)

Version 8.0.1 & 8.0.2

  • Changes to the build configuartion to prevent PyPi errors

Version 8.0.0

In this update, we switch to using PyPi to install rather than copying to the plugins/modules folder. You should now delete our plugins from the plugins/modules folder and must switch to using PyPi to install. The minimum sopel version is now 7.0.5. Other requirements have changed. Please review compatibility with your install.


  • This new fun module was added


  • This is now wrapped in a main() script and can be called using 'sopel-dbclean'

mh_phab --> phab

  • Bug fixes
  • renamed from mh_phab to phab


  • bug fixes


  • bug fixes


  • minor correction to help text

Version 7.2


  • Removed modules/config/*.csv


  • Bug fixes


  • Switched to a new json config system

Version 7.1

With Version 7.1, we bring you a fancy new name as MirahezeBot and some bug fixes and improvements.

Please note that with this version we no longer support python 3.5, please upgrade to python 3.6 or above.


This module now supports all phabricator installs with conduit enabled.


A support_channel configuration variable was introduced.


  • Removed deceprated tuple
  • Introduced support_channel, wiki_username, wiki_password and data_path cnfiguration.
  • some functions now use bot.reply


This was incorrectly placed in the modules folder and has been moved to tests.

Version 7


This has been completely rewrote to be more efficent. We've introduced more config options as well.


This is a new cli script to help clean up databases


Now uses the owner/admin account config rather than nickname.


You can now set modes, we've improved documentation and fixed a few bugs


Has been replaced by the upstream version

joinall (was join)

We've removed the join control and replaced it with joinall that forces the bot to join all channels in your config file


Has had some merged from other responses and no longer breaks with spaces


Now works with non cloaked users


Now also recognises accounts


We changed the way we install things from pip. You only need to install requirments.txt but you might find pip-install.txt has some more fun modules on.

Version 6

Channel Management

  • Added option to set channel operators individually for each channel
  • Now supports inviting users
  • Bug fixes

Mediawiki Status


  • Bug Fixes


  • Added new ones
  • Removed poorly used ones

Short Links

  • Created to allow you to access your favourite sites in fewer clicks


  • Bug fixes

Version 5

New modules added

  • test_module
  • channelmgnt

Modules changed

  • urls
  • miraheze
  • adminlist

Version 3

New modules added

  • mh_phab
  • welcome

Modules updated

  • converse
  • adminlist
  • reminders

Version 2

  • Added an admin list command (.adminlist)
  • Added .accesslevel command
  • Added .gethelp command (pings helpful users in channels)
  • Added a converse module
  • Added a new reminder system

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