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A Mopidy extension for using it as an alarm clock.

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A Mopidy extension for using it as an alarm clock.

Mopidy-AlarmClock was originally created by Mathieu Xhonneux and now is maintained by Davis Mosenkovs.


Install by running:

pip install Mopidy-AlarmClock


Optionally alarm defaults can be configured in mopidy.conf config file (the default default values are shown below):

# Default alarm time in Hours:Minutes format
def_time = 8:00

# Name or Mopidy URI of default alarm playlist
def_playlist =

# Default state of Random Track Order (true or false)
def_random = false

# Default alarm volume (integer, 1 to 100)
def_volume = 100

# Default seconds to full volume (integer, 0 to 300)
def_vol_inc_duration = 30


Make sure that the HTTP extension is enabled. Then browse to the app on the Mopidy server (for instance, http://localhost:6680/alarmclock/).

WARNING! It is strongly recommended to use only local playlists with local media (files) for alarm clock.

Althrough Mopidy-AlarmClock contains some safety measures against playlist/track inaccessibility (e.g. upon network outage) it is still much safer to use local media.


Copyright 2014 Mathieu Xhonneux
Copyright 2015-2020 Davis Mosenkovs

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

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  • Cosmetic improvements.


  • Upgraded to Mopidy 3.0+ and Python 3.7+.


  • Play backup alarm sound when playback cannot be started (within 30 seconds or more).

  • Added warning to readme that only local playlists/media should be used for alarm clock.


  • Changed branching model to git-flow.

  • Refactoring for improved alarm scheduler.

  • Added backup alarm sound (in case selected playlist is missing).

  • Disable Consume and Single playback modes.

  • Fixed incorrect Mopidy version requirement.

  • Misc refactoring.


  • Added tests.

  • Fixed nondeterministic effects when cancelling and setting alarm again within 5 seconds (prevent stale idle() timers).

  • Fixed minor math bug in gradual volume increasing.

  • One digit minutes supported in alarm Time.

  • Leading zero for hours of current time in Alarm state.


  • Alarm defaults can now be configured in mopidy.conf.

  • Display alarm volume on Alarm state.

  • Display current time of alarm clock on Alarm state.

  • Added Travis-CI build and Coveralls test coverage info.

  • Fixed README (to be parsable by PyPI).


  • Added adjustable volume and gradually increasing volume.

  • Fixed stale message appearing on page reload.

  • Minor internal code changes and interface changes.

  • Updated README/Changelog.


  • Fixed alarm starting immediately in some situations.

  • Renamed Shuffle Mode to Random Track Order.



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