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Mopidy extension for playing music from Spotify

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Mopidy extension for playing music from Spotify.


  • A Spotify Premium subscription. Mopidy-Spotify will not work with Spotify Free, just Spotify Premium.

  • A non-Facebook Spotify username and password. If you created your account through Facebook you’ll need to create a “device password” to be able to use Mopidy-Spotify. Go to, login with your Facebook account, and follow the instructions.

  • libspotify >= 12, < 13. The official C library from the Spotify developer site. The package is available as libspotify12 from

  • pyspotify >= 2.0. The libspotify Python wrapper. The package is available as python-spotify from or pyspotify on PyPI. See for how to install it and its dependencies on most platforms.

  • Mopidy >= 1.1. The music server that Mopidy-Spotify extends.

If you install Mopidy-Spotify from, AUR, or Homebrew, these dependencies are installed automatically.


Debian/Ubuntu/Raspbian: Install the mopidy-spotify package from

sudo apt-get install mopidy-spotify

Arch Linux: Install the mopidy-spotify package from AUR:

yaourt -S mopidy-spotify

OS X: Install the mopidy-spotify package from the mopidy/mopidy Homebrew tap:

brew install mopidy-spotify

Else: Install the dependencies listed above yourself, and then install the package from PyPI:

pip install Mopidy-Spotify


Before starting Mopidy, you must add your Spotify Premium username and password to your Mopidy configuration file:

username = alice
password = secret

The following configuration values are available:

  • spotify/enabled: If the Spotify extension should be enabled or not. Defaults to true.

  • spotify/username: Your Spotify Premium username. You must provide this.

  • spotify/password: Your Spotify Premium password. You must provide this.

  • spotify/bitrate: Audio bitrate in kbps. 96, 160, or 320. Defaults to 160.

  • spotify/volume_normalization: Whether volume normalization is active or not. Defaults to true.

  • spotify/timeout: Seconds before giving up waiting for search results, etc. Defaults to 10.

  • spotify/allow_cache: Whether to allow caching. The cache is stored in a “spotify” directory within Mopidy’s core/cache_dir. Defaults to true.

  • spotify/allow_network: Whether to allow network access or not. Defaults to true.

  • spotify/allow_playlists: Whether or not playlists should be exposed. Defaults to true.

  • spotify/search_album_count: Maximum number of albums returned in search results. Number between 0 and 200. Defaults to 20.

  • spotify/search_artist_count: Maximum number of artists returned in search results. Number between 0 and 200. Defaults to 10.

  • spotify/search_track_count: Maximum number of tracks returned in search results. Number between 0 and 200. Defaults to 50.

  • spotify/toplist_countries: Comma separated list of two letter ISO country codes to get toplists for. Defaults to blank, which is interpreted as all countries that Spotify is available in.

  • spotify/private_session: Whether to use a private Spotify session. Turn on private session to disable sharing of played tracks with friends through the Spotify activity feed, scrobbling, and Facebook. This only affects social sharing done by Spotify, not by other Mopidy extensions. Defaults to false.

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v2.3.0 (2016-02-06)

Feature release.

  • Ignore all audio data deliveries from libspotify when when a seek is in progress. This ensures that we don’t deliver audio data from before the seek with timestamps from after the seek.

  • Ignore duplicate end of track callbacks.

  • Don’t increase the audio buffer timestamp if the buffer is rejected by Mopidy. This caused audio buffers delivered after one or more rejected audio buffers to have too high timestamps.

  • When changing tracks, block until Mopidy completes the appsrc URI change. Not blocking here might break gapless playback.

  • Lookup of a playlist you’re not subscribed to will now properly load all of the playlist’s tracks. (Fixes: #81, PR: #82)

  • Workaround teardown race outputing lots of short stack traces on Mopidy shutdown. (See #73 for details)

v2.2.0 (2015-11-15)

Feature release.

  • As Spotify now exposes your “Starred” playlist as a regular playlist, we no longer get your “Starred” playlist through the dedicated “Starred” API. This avoids your “Starred” playlist being returned twice. Lookup of spotify:user:<username>:starred URIs works as before. (Fixes: #71)

  • Interpret album year “0” as unknown. (Fixes: #72)

v2.1.0 (2015-09-22)

Feature release.

  • Require Requests >= 2.0.

  • Support using a proxy when connecting to Spotify. This was forgotten in the 2.0 reimplementation. (Fixes: #68)

  • Support using a proxy when accessing Spotify’s web API to get cover and artist imagery.

v2.0.1 (2015-08-23)

Bug fix release.

  • Filter out None from library.get_distinct() return values. (Fixes: #63)

v2.0.0 (2015-08-11)

Rewrite using pyspotify 2. Should have feature parity with Mopidy-Spotify 1.


  • Add spotify/volume_normalization config. (Fixes: #13)

  • Add spotify/allow_network config which can be used to force Mopidy-Spotify to stay offline. This is mostly useful for testing during development.

  • Add spotify/allow_playlists config which can be used to disable all access to playlists on the Spotify account. Useful where Mopidy is shared by multiple users. (Fixes: #25)

  • Make maximum number of returned results configurable through spotify/search_album_count, spotify/search_artist_count, and spotify/search_track_count.

  • Add spotify/private_session config.

  • Change spotify/toplist_countries default value to blank, which is now interpreted as all supported countries instead of no countries.

  • Removed spotify/cache_dir and spotify/settings_dir config values. We now use a “spotify” directory in the core/cache_dir and core/data_dir directories defined in Mopidy’s configuration.

  • Add spotify/allow_cache config value to make it possible to disable caching.


  • Add browsing of top albums and top artists, in additon to top tracks.

  • Add browsing by current user’s country, in addition to personal, global and per-country browsing.

  • Add browsing of artists, which includes the artist’s top tracks and albums.

  • Update list of countries Spotify is available in and provides toplists for.


  • Adding an artist by URI will now first find all albums by the artist and then all tracks in the albums. This way, the returned tracks are grouped by album and they are sorted by track number. (Fixes: #7)

  • When adding an artist by URI, all albums that are marked as “compilations” or where the album artist is “Various Artists” are now ignored. (Fixes: #5)


  • The library provider method get_distinct() is now supported. When called without a query, the tracks in the user’s playlists is used as the data source. When called with a query, a Spotify search is used as the data source. This addition makes the library view in some notable MPD clients, like ncmpcpp, become quite fast and usable with Spotify. (Fixes: #50)


  • If another Spotify client starts playback with the same account, we get a “play token lost” event. Previously, Mopidy-Spotify would unconditionally pause Mopidy playback if this happened. Now, we only pause playback if we’re currently playing music from Spotify. (Fixes: #1)

v1.4.0 (2015-05-19)

  • Update to not use deprecated Mopidy audio APIs.

  • Use strings and not ints for the model’s date field. This is required for compatibility with the model validation added in Mopidy 1.1. (Fixes: #52)

  • Fix error causing the image of every 50th URI in a library.get_images() call to not be looked up and returned.

  • Fix handling of empty search queries. This was still using the removed playlists.playlists to fetch all your tracks.

  • Update the SpotifyTrack proxy model to work with Mopidy 1.1 model changes.

  • Updated to work with the renaming of mopidy.utils to mopidy.internal in Mopidy 1.1.

v1.3.0 (2015-03-25)

  • Require Mopidy >= 1.0.

  • Update to work with new playback API in Mopidy 1.0.

  • Update to work with new playlists API in Mopidy 1.0.

  • Update to work with new search API in Mopidy 1.0.

  • Add library.get_images() support for cover art.

v1.2.0 (2014-07-21)

  • Add support for browsing playlists and albums. Needed to allow music discovery extensions expose these in a clean way.

  • Fix loss of audio when resuming from paused, when caused by another Spotify client starting playback. (Fixes: #2, PR: #19)

v1.1.3 (2014-02-18)

  • Switch to new backend API locations, required by the upcoming Mopidy 0.19 release.

v1.1.2 (2014-02-18)

  • Wait for track to be loaded before playing it. This fixes playback of tracks looked up directly by URI, and not through a playlist or search. (Fixes: mopidy/mopidy#675)

v1.1.1 (2014-02-16)

  • Change requirement on pyspotify from >= 1.9, < 2 to >= 1.9, < 1.999, so that it is parsed correctly and pyspotify 1.x is installed instead of 2.x.

v1.1.0 (2014-01-20)

  • Require Mopidy >= 0.18.

  • Change library.lookup() to return tracks even if they are unplayable. There’s no harm in letting them be added to the tracklist, as Mopidy will simply skip to the next track when failing to play the track. (Fixes: mopidy/mopidy#606)

  • Added basic library browsing support that exposes user, global and country toplists.

v1.0.3 (2013-12-15)

  • Change search field track to track_name for compatibility with Mopidy 0.17. (Fixes: mopidy/mopidy#610)

v1.0.2 (2013-11-19)

  • Add spotify/settings_dir config value so that libspotify settings can be stored to another location than the libspotify cache. This also allows spotify/cache_dir to be unset, since settings are now using it’s own config value.

  • Make the spotify/cache_dir config value optional, so that it can be set to an empty string to disable caching.

v1.0.1 (2013-10-28)

  • Support searches from Mopidy that are using the albumartist field type, added in Mopidy 0.16.

  • Ignore the track_no field in search queries, added in Mopidy 0.16.

  • Abort Spotify searches immediately if the search query is empty instead of waiting for the 10s timeout before returning an empty search result.

v1.0.0 (2013-10-08)

  • Moved extension out of the main Mopidy project.

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