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Tidal music service integration

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Mopidy Extension for Tidal music service integration.


Install by running::

pip3 install Mopidy-Tidal

In case you are upgrading your Mopidy-Tidal installation from the latest git sources, make sure to do a force upgrade from the source root, followed by a restart

cd <source root>
sudo pip3 uninstall mopidy-tidal
sudo pip3 install .



Mopidy-Tidal requires the Python-Tidal API to function. This is usually installed automatically. In some cases, Python-Tidal stops working due to Tidal changing their API keys.

When this happens, it will usually be necessary to upgrade the Python-Tidal API plugin manually

sudo pip3 install --upgrade tidalapi

After upgrading tidalapi, it will often be necessary to delete the existing json file and restart mopidy. The path will vary, depending on your install method.

rm /var/lib/mopidy/tidal/tidal-oauth.json


When using High and Low quality, be sure to install gstreamer bad-plugins, eg. ::

sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad

This is mandatory to be able to play m4a streams.


Mopidy-Tidal requires python >= 3.7. 3.7 is supported in theory as many people are still using it on embedded devices, but our test suite does not currently have 100% coverage under 3.7 (PRs to fix this are welcome!). Mopidy-Tidal is fully tested on python >= 3.8.


Before starting Mopidy, you must add configuration for Mopidy-Tidal to your Mopidy configuration file, if it is not already present.

The configuration is usually stored in /etc/mopidy/mopidy.conf or possibly ~/.config/mopidy/mopidy.conf, depending on your system configuration ::

enabled = true
quality = LOSSLESS
#client_id =
#client_secret =

Quality can be set to LOSSLESS, HIGH or LOW. Hi_RES(master) is currently not supported. Lossless quality (FLAC) requires Tidal HiFi Subscription.

Optional: Tidal API client_id, client_secret can be overridden by the user if necessary.

OAuth Flow

Using the new OAuth flow, you have to visit a link to connect the mopidy app to your login.

  1. When you restart the Mopidy server, check the latest systemd logs and find a line like:
journalctl -u mopidy | tail -10
Visit to log in, the code will expire in 300 seconds.
  1. Go to that link in your browser, approve it, and that should be it.
Note: Login process is a blocking action, so Mopidy will not load until you approve the application.

The OAuth session will be reloaded automatically when Mopidy is restarted. It will be necessary to perform these steps again if/when the session expires or if the json file is moved.

Test Suite

Mopidy-Tidal has a test suite which currently has 100% coverage. Ideally contributions would come with tests to keep this coverage up, but we can help in writing them if need be.

To run the test suite you need to install pytest, pytest-mock and pytest-cov inside your venv:

pip3 install -r test_requirements.txt

You can then run the tests:

pytest tests/ -k "not gt_3_10" --cov=mopidy_tidal --cov-report=html
--cov-report=term-missing --cov-branch

substituting the correct python version (e.g. -k "not gt_3.8"). This is unlikely to be necessary beyond 3.9 as the python language has become very standard. It's only really needed to exclude a few tests which check that dict-like objects behave the way modern dicts do, with |.

If you are on *nix, you can simply run:

make test

Currently the code is not very heavily documented. The easiest way to see how something is supposed to work is probably to have a look at the tests.

Code Style

Code should be formatted with isort and black:

isort --profile=black mopidy_tidal tests
black mopidy_tidal tests

if you are on *nix you can run:

make format

The CI workflow will fail on linting as well as test failures.


Source contributions, suggestions and pull requests are very welcome.

If you are experiencing playback issues unrelated to this plugin, please report this to the Mopidy-Tidal issue tracker and/or check Python-Tidal/Tidalapi repository for relevant issues.


Project resources



  • Added support for tidalapi 0.7.x. Tidalapi >=0.7.x is now required.
  • Added support for Moods, Mixes, track/album release date.
  • Speed, cache improvements and Iris bugfixes.
  • Overhauled Test suite
  • Support for playlist editing

(Major thanks BlackLight and 2e0byo for the above improvements and all testers involved)


  • Major caching improvements to avoid slow intialization at startup. Code cleanup, bugfixes and refactoring (Thanks BlackLight, fmarzocca)
  • Reduced default album art, author and track image size.
  • Improved Iris integration


  • Use path extension for Tidal OAuth cache file
  • Improved error handling for missing images, unplayable albums
  • Improved playlist browsing


  • Improved reliability of OAuth cache file generation.
  • Added optional client_id & client_secret to [tidal] in mopidy config (thanks Glog78)
  • Removed username/pass, as it is not needed by OAuth (thanks tbjep)


  • Reload existing OAuth session on Mopidy restart
  • Added OAuth login support from tidalapi (thanks to greggilbert)


  • Added track caching (thanks to MrSurly and kingosticks)


  • fixed python 3 compatibility issues
  • Change dependency tidalapi4mopidy back to tidalapi (thanks to stevedenman)


  • added support browsing of favourite tracks, moods, genres and playlists (thanks to SERVCUBED)


  • implemented get_images method
  • updated tidal's api key


  • playlist support (read-only)
  • implemented artists lookup
  • high and low quality streams should now work correctly
  • cache search results (to be improved in next releases)


  • Initial release.

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