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MorfDict is a dict like object, which convers data on the fly.

Project description


MorfDict is a dict like object, which convers data late on the fly.

>> from morfdict import MorfDict
>> data = MorfDict()
>> data['first'] = 'my data'
>> data['first']
'my data'
>> data.set_morf('first', lambda obj, value: '*' + value + '*')
>> data['first']
'*my data*'

If you want to make your own default morf method, just ovveride _default_morf method.

>> class MyMorf(MorfDict):
>>    def _default_morf(self, obj, value):
>>        return '*' + value + '*'

StringDict class

StringDict is MorfDict whith default interpolation for itself.

>> from morfdict import StringDict
>> data = StringDict()
>> data['first'] = 'one'
>> data['second'] = '%(first)s two'
>> data['second']
'one two'

PathDict class

PathDict is designed for storing paths.

>> from morfdict import PathDict
>> paths = PathDict({'base' : '/tmp'})
>> paths['home'] = ['%(base)s', 'home', 'myname']
>> paths['home']

Or you can make this:

>> from morfdict import PathDict
>> paths = PathDict({'base' : '/tmp'})
>> paths.set_path('main', 'base', 'home')
>> paths.set_path('home', 'main', 'myname')
>> paths['home']

Factory class

If we want to use ‘modulename.settings’ where ‘modulename’ is our main module and ‘settings’ is our settins module.

>> from morfdict import Factory
>> factory = Factory('modulename', 'settings')
>> settings, paths = factory.make_settings()

It will read the settings from modulename/settings/ This file should looks like this:

>> def make_settings(settings, paths):
>>     settings['name'] = 'value'

If we want to add some additional files for settings, like “”, we can do this:

>> settings, paths = factory.make_settings(additional_modules=[('local', False)])

This is the default behavior. The bool means “raise error on missing module”.

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