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A multi-thread binary search

Project description


A Multi-Thread Binary search written in Python3 by Devin Wallace


import MultiBinary

print(MultiBinary.binary_search(somelist, someitem))

>>>[[True, 12, 'hello']]


binary_search(somelist, someitem, t_limit=100)

  • somelist this is the list you are searching through, it is set up to handle a 1-dimensional list.
  • someitem this is the item you are searching for within the list.
  • t_limit t_limit is the thread count limit, by default it is set to 100 threads, meaning that there will be 100 searches done simultaneously. consider your machines processing power before altering

binary_search return [[True, 9, 802], [True, 44, 802]] returns a 2D list where

  • [0][0] = boolean if found
  • [0][1] = index in list
  • [0][2] = item searched for


import random, MultiBinary
list = []
for i in range(random.randint(20,100)):

print(MultiBinary.binary_search(list, 369))

>>>[[True, 35, 369], [True, 44, 369]]


pip instal MultiBinary



  • SHA265: 92b8cf64d6701af578275fec82ee627a20bf4b83cfbe98dcc7e77577e0c61001


  • SHA256: 92b8cf64d6701af578275fec82ee627a20bf4b83cfbe98dcc7e77577e0c61001

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